1. KillerHERTZ

    [Wii U] MARIO KART 8: Downloadable Mercedes GLA

    I doubt many of you are getting Mario Kart 8 when it comes out tomorrow for the Wii U, but Nintendo have released a screenshot of a Mercedes in the game... You Can Download a Mercedes Benz in Mario Kart 8 | Kotaku UK Odd pairing of companies!
  2. horgantrevor

    Racing Kart

    Hi I'm looking for a racing kart to have fun in for myself I'm in Ireland but willing to travel overseas I'm looking for info and spec s on karts as I want too buy a good model maybe let the kids use it we have a national kart track near we're I live so I have a place to use it and some land...
  3. Carrotchomper

    Real-life Mario Kart

    Hilarious! :D :D http://www.geekologie.com/2008/12/red_shells_guy_plays_mario_kar.php
  4. F

    Mario Kart Wii multiplayer

    Anyone on here play mariokart online? :)
  5. Spinal

    Mario Kart

    This forum is turning into a Wii-enthusiasts club :p On that note; has anyone gotten any 3-star ratings? Does anyone know the requirements for 3-stars? The best I can do is stars, and I'm missing practically only the 3-star ratings and the ghost-data time-trials... Anyone else find that...
  6. glojo

    Super Kart vs Superbike

    Going back to the theme of bike vs car, I was just reading about a number of ex World Champion motor cycle riders practising for a super kart event prior to the US Motor Bike Gp in July. "People look at these Super Karts and think they are cute little toys, but they haul butt around here,"...
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