1. Simon_M

    Kent Karting Sept 2016

    I propose a Kent Karting session at Buckmore Park. Hopefully we could either do the 30 or 45 minute enduro race, https://www.buckmore.co.uk/home/stag-groups/. We'd need 12 or more people, otherwise we could just go for one of the standard kart sessions. See the other thread for track...
  2. R

    Cruise, Trackday and karting in France

    Not my party, but there's 9 people, 4 from this forum, planning to have a boys jolly into France mid September for 4 days. Its primarily a civilised cruise down to the Cognac region, with no intentions of upsetting the local Gendarmerie en route, enjoying the food and wine as allowed, staying in...
  3. R

    4 nights in France, trackday,+ Karting

    Hi, there is a group of 8 of us, (4 from this forum, and 3 known to us from Goodwood track days and the recent AMG factory visit), That are going to France in September, plus 2 no. more awaited on for confirmation of attendance, but no passengers being permitted at this time, so as we maximise...
  4. ringway

    Anyone for a Karting GTG at Amen Corner?

    A while back we had a good GTG at Amen Corner Karting Track in Rufford, near Nottingham. A good day was had by all and I think it would be nice to repeat the dose if anyone's interested. There's also the bonus of having a couple of nice pubs close to the karting track where we can have...
  5. BlackC55


    Some of you may know that I do some karting and I have a video for you to watch. YouTube - Karting - Isle of Man I am racing this weekend and can't wait to start the new season with my new kart. Anyone fancy sponsoring me?:D
  6. kbhogalW126

    Karting Gear for Kids

    Hi Folks! I have a problem. I'm trying to find race gear for my nephews. They are heavily into karting (one of them is into it at 2.5 years old)! They are aged 2.5, 2.5, 4 and 7 years old. I've found most of the kit for them like gloves, race suits etc etc but I cant seem to get hold...
  7. stats007

    South East Karting Meet

    I'm looking to organise a karting meet - either at Daytona Sandown Park or Buckmore Park in Kent. Depending on the number of people we could do a 2hr mini Le-mans or have teams etc. Anyone interested? Looking at September at the moment.
  8. F

    Karting marathon

    Just back from 1 hour 30 min of endurance karting , mother of god will i be sore tomorrow :eek:
  9. L

    Karting up t' North

    Just thought I would float this venue for a karting GTG up this end of the country and see what format and time scales people would be interested in. http://www.speedkarting.co.uk/desc.htm.
  10. Flyer

    Karting - Buckmore Park, Sep/Oct

    [Mods: I've posted this in GD as this isn't an event yet; will post a new thread in Events if it goes ahead] After our karting event at Castle Combe in February, I've been scouting around looking for another facility that would be better. Scott mentioned Buckmore Park, Chatham; I've been sent...
  11. scotth_uk

    Karting GTG - Castle Combe - Pics

    Hi All, Hope you like the pics..... http://www.scotthuk.plus.com/forums/karting/default.htm
  12. Flyer

    Karting & Skid Pan GTG - 27/02/05

    For those that have missed it, or don't frequent the Events section, we are having a Karting & Skid Pan GTG on Sunday 27 February at Castle Combe Race Circuit in Chippenham, Wiltshire. More details are here. We went on the Skid Pan in February this year and had a fab time; the photos from...
  13. Flyer

    Karting GTG, Castle Combe

    Who fancies a bit of karting? :D I have been speaking with Castle Combe again about us having a GTG sometime in February. We can do the SkidPan again, but I get the feeling that it's a case of "been there, done that", so, as was mentioned at the time, what about hiring the kart track for...
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