1. S

    Keeping a car if you do hardly use it???

    Well another three months have gone by and I have only covered 600 miles in the C63!!! So, I am really beginning to question the point of owning it as it spends 95% of the time sat in the garage… I don’t need, or even really want to sell, as I can think of nothing to replace it with. But as...
  2. M.Khalid

    (W204 Facelift) Lane Keeping Assist?

    Hi Everyone, I was looking on AutoTrader for some W204 Facelift C63 Sedan as I may buy one in the near future, and I asked myself the following question: -Does every (or almost every) C63 facelift have Lane Keeping assist? No one mentions Lane Keeping Assist on their adds, however you...
  3. brucemillar

    Winter Lay Up. Keeping Dry?

    Folks I wish to keep my beloved 300TE 4-Matic pristine over the winter months. She is now on SORN and consigned to my detached block built garage. This is a large double garage with a concrete floor, pit & a tiled pitched roof. It has two rooms at the rear and a large roof space. It is a...
  4. 4

    Keeping Headlights Clear

    Plastic headlamps. A safety feature? I'm sure this may have already been covered somewhere, but is there any way to keep them from going milky? My old S210 E240 is blessed with glassy clearness and I'd like to keep them that way. Already 16 years old, they are certainly due a turn. Is...
  5. afflier

    Active Lane Keeping Assistant problem

    Got an issue with the Active Lane Keeping Assistant on my 2013 s204 C63. Everything seems fine, system comes on line OK but as soon as the vehicle 'drifts' over a line i.e. activating the warning vibration and/or braking/steering correction, the system fails and a warning comes up on screen...
  6. dddooommm

    Diesel engine modifications, up keeping & maintenance

    Hi MBCLUB- Looking to modify the engine to get more acceleration performance. Apart from a remap, can anyone recommend modifications to the Diesel engine ? Such as the bypass of exhaust gas recirculation EGS? Possibly larger turbo but rather lower costing part etc. Healthy options...
  7. Jakerook

    Worth keeping or cut losses ?

    Bought my 2003 C180 coupe about eight months ago for £1000.00. So far it's had drop links and bushes front and back , lower suspension arms both front sides. It's now needing rear brakes completely overhauled , discs , pads , callipers and handbrake shoes. Also spotted it needs a shocker on the...
  8. C

    Powder coated calipers - keeping them clean

    My calipers are powder coated yellow. When clean they look superb, but they get dirty quickly. The only way I have found to clean them is to remove the wheels and get to work on them. I don't mind doing this, but what is the best product to use to clean brake dust etc. off them? And is...
  9. chris3004

    Keeping Bodywork top condition

    Hi I have unfortunately been put in a circumstance where I will have to leave my car outside exposed to the environment, parked and not driving for a long period of time. Can anyone help me out on the best OUTDOOR covers to purchase in order to keep the car in top notch. Thank you
  10. C

    Will I regret keeping my CLS 320CDI?

    Hi All, first post since joining so go easy on me;) Need some help and advice. I have owned the above 2009 cls for 3 years purchased from a main dealer. First 2 years it was my main car and used for a 70 mile round trip to work each day on motorways etc. at 70 MPH ish. Then a job change...
  11. grober

    Chancellor keeping an eye on fuel prices!

    Phew that's a relief - no chance of the oil companies, fuel distributers and retailers ripping us of then. :( Oil has fallen from about $115 (£72) per barrel in June to about $84 per barrel, a decline of about a quarter. In comparison, petrol prices in the UK have fallen from a high of about...
  12. merc85

    Keeping the Side up

    This side of the Fence lol, I'm going to a Volvo RR day at HLM in Brum tomorrow got tobe leaving at around 5 in the morning yawn lol, Will meeting up with a couple of mapped 850 t5's on the drive up so looks like i will be trying to keep our Side up lol as i will almost certainly be the only...
  13. M

    C63 removing primary cats ONLY & keeping secondary cats/resonators- anyone done this?

    Hi all, I've watched loads of videos of people who have removed secondary cats and or resonators. To me, personally, a lot sound really raspy and un-refined, more like a shouting car rather than a deep rumbling puuurrrrr like the original C63 sound. I just watched this video, I think, going...
  14. Rex-Mac

    Keeping calm

    Sometimes keeping calm pays off in unexpected ways. One day last year my good lady texted me to say she was stuck at work and could I call in at the supermarket to pick up something quick for dinner. On my way home I called in at the supermarket and grabbed something quick and tasty in a hand...
  15. The _Don

    Mercedes engine keeping Lewis Hamilton ahead of his rivals
  16. M

    Keeping alloys clean

    Does anyone use any products on alloys? I have 18" amg's and am looking for a suitable product to give the alloys a shine after wash and also act as a dirt barrier. Ideally where I can just rinse the dirt off rather than scrub! Cheers
  17. I

    Why do some lorry drivers think keeping their momentum is more important than safety?

    One of the things I find most frustrating is HGV drivers who pull out in front of you - or even into the space you are occupying, forcing you to swerve into the next lane. Often, with no indication whatsoever. I know they need to keep up momentum, but this should never take precedence over...
  18. P

    Keeping chrome tailpipes clean

    Any tips on keeping these clean - so far metal polish and a small toothbrush and hard work! Anyone recommend a polish to stop the soot binding to the pipes. Cheers
  19. I

    Keeping up dealer SH on older car?

    I've got a 1985 500 SEC which has a full and up to date (mileage and time) main dealer history. It's next 15k service is due soon, car currently on 120 ish k, and I was wondering if it's worth having it done by MB to keep the history up and whether this will help when it comes to resale. The...
  20. O

    Keeping a silver chauffeur car clean

    HI, what process do people recommend for getting a silver E class sparkling and then more importantly keeping it sparkling without the use of the local hand car wash when its covering 1k miles plus a week as a chauffeur car ? its 3 yr old car and has never been detailed / washed properly...
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