1. camerafodder

    Keith Emerson

    Another one gone... Keith Emerson, Emerson, Lake and Palmer Keyboardist, Dead at 71 | Rolling Stone
  2. Red C220

    Keith Floyd - top chap

    More characters like this please on TV. BBC Two - Too Much TV, Trail Blazers: Keith Floyd
  3. R

    Keith Floyd dies.

    RIP: Keith Floyd dies - Telegraph
  4. SportsCoupeRich

    Thanks to Olly at PCS and Wobbly Keith...

    I am proudly sitting on new, 22" Mandrus Millenium wheels. They are black with a chrome outer rim. Both Olly and keith are really pleasant chaps and I look forward to seeing them both soon. Keiths ML looked all the better for the 19"s fitted to his (even with a dodgy tailgate :p ) and I will...
  5. st13phil

    So, Elvis shot his car and Keith Walendowski shot his...

    ...lawnmower! From BBC News: I love the bit about voiding the warranty :D
  6. PJH

    Keith Duckworth has died

  7. jimmy

    Keith Fletcher?

    Perhaps somebody knows somebody who may be interested? Going on holiday soon so need some funds! :) Classic 500SEL Ebay Link
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