1. michaelk3289

    lovely SEC In Kensington

    Hi all I was out and about on a viewing today and stumbled across this beauty Love both the exterior and interior colours
  2. The _Don

    Kensington Neighbours See Red Over Stripy House
  3. edgejedi

    Afermarket alarm or MB fitted manufacturers alarm?

    I had a white key given to me when I got my ML with the name 'Kensington' written on it, which Im almost sure is a car alarm over ride key for the alarm unit. But Ive never heard of Kensington alarms/immobilisers before - has anyone else? is this an MB alarm or an aftermarket addition? Any...
  4. Tan

    Kensington car care v's George Fraser

    Hi I need the following jobs looked at on my car: Gearbox oil change, AC Recharged and Spark Plugs. I have used george in the past but am no longer based on that side of london. I've heard about Kensington car care and was wondering has anyone used both and if so who is better. Regards...
  5. A

    Kensington Car Care. Impressive.

    I recently bought a 78k mls 1991 500SEC and wanted to find an honest, competent, sympathetic London based independent to help me look after it. I looked on these pages and eventually found a thread from last july mentioning Kensington Car Care (just off Ladbroke grove, see web-site) and...
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