1. R

    buckle wheel repair - Kent

    Hi All, I have a slight buckle in my drivers side wheel and I'm struggling to find anyone from a Google search that offers a service to unbuckle wheels in Kent. Does anyone know a place I can use in Kent or even that do pickups? Thanks
  2. brucemillar

    Spring Compressor Wanted - Kent

    Hi Is there anybody in Kent, who would be happy to lend me a spring compressor for a couple of days please? I need to fit new front struts to my BMW e39 tourer. Many thanks Bruce
  3. Wheep

    Hi from Kent

    Just bought a CLK240 convertable. Used to drive an MR2 before it and never thought I would drive never mind own anything but Jap cars. All I can say is I love it and can't imagine not owner one now. I'm converted :)
  4. S

    Reliable MB service dept in Kent

    Now that I have a MB service plan, which is averaging £366 per service (£160 for 2yrs Mobilo cover not included) for the next 3 services over 2 years, I am on the lookout for a trustworthy MB service dept in and around Kent. I am close to Dartford, so any feedback on that dealer is much...
  5. brucemillar

    Just the job for those quiet Kent lanes.

    Humvee Jeep ( ex US Army). UK road registered. | eBay
  6. Chrishazle

    Mastertech Ashford Kent

    Anyone used this company for servicing their MB? MasterTech Automotive Garage and Diagnostic Center Ashford Website says they are German vehicle specialists including MB, specialists in common rail diesels, pretty close to me so thinking of using them for a B service on my C220 S204.
  7. P

    Mobile broken glow plug removal service required in Kent

    I just broke the last glow plug I had to remove. It was the last one right up against the bulkhead in an awkward place. I need a recommendation of someone who can come out and remove it. I've just had a quote of £270 which I think is ludicrous especially just for one glow plug. Thanks
  8. R

    Greetings from Kent (Ramsgate)

    Hi all, So after a few years of wanting a new car I finally took the plunge last week and bought a C220. I will get some photos up once I get a spare 5 minutes. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but here goes: 1. Does anyone know a good detailer in or around Thanet...
  9. S

    Any indies in Kent?

    Preferably one that will allow supply of own parts and just charge for labour? Also, what oil spec is required for 2010 350 cdi engine, and how much? Is it easy to change oil and filters diy on this particular engine? Thinking of doing 1 service myself and getting indie to do the annual...
  10. Simon_M

    Kent Karting Sept 2016

    I propose a Kent Karting session at Buckmore Park. Hopefully we could either do the 30 or 45 minute enduro race, We'd need 12 or more people, otherwise we could just go for one of the standard kart sessions. See the other thread for track...
  11. P

    Diesel customisation and tuning specialist in Kent recommendations please

    I'm looking for a diesel car customisation and tuning specialist in Kent, preferably close to Medway. Thanks
  12. A

    Kent meets??

    I see there have been a few blue water meets, do they happen very often?? Or any other locations etc
  13. R

    Hi from Kent

    Hi, i have just bought a 2005 (W203) C220 cdi Avantgarde with the sports package. Sadly no satnav but hoping to retrofit one after i research it a bit. Being my first diesel and also my first auto, i am enjoying the drive so far
  14. Swinders

    Newbie from Kent

    Hi all, Bought my self a 2013 C220 CDI (W204) on the 20th as an early christmas present, very different to the Golf I had before and is a pleasure to drive. Interior is a class apart too, was weighing up a 3 series and an A4 as well but the interior swayed me to go for the Mercedes! Not...
  15. O

    Newbie from Kent

    Hello Already posted a question in the Electronics Forum about the Garmin Map Pilot, but thought I had better introduce myself here. Just ordered a new C200 Sport Auto Estate with Airmatic and medtalic paint. Due for delivery in early Februray. Am a long term Skoda owner (sorry!). Currently...
  16. Mike Walker

    Kent /Essex GTG - Curry Night

    Any update or is the plan dead in the water?? :fail
  17. drifting

    Recommendation needed for Star test in SE Kent

    Hi chaps. Been a long time away form the forum, as up till now I have been having reliable driving of my older Mercs. I now have a 55 plate 220CDI est. Had it serviced at a good local garage, and up till now all been fine. However it has started missing a beat, usually at around 65-70 and...
  18. S

    Merc Service in Kent

    Hello Experts and Veterans, I have recently moved into Kent (Bexleyheath) and was trying to find the suitable service provider for my A Class. Any pointers will be highly appreciated, also if I choose for Merc centers, should I give a priority to the Dartford / Orpington or the Lakeside one...
  19. Theothers

    Class Cars - East Kent

    Hi I just wanted to say that these guys did a top job on servicing my C320 I was very pleased with the work undertaken.
  20. brucemillar

    Car Transporter/Trailer - Kent to Bucks

    Folks Does anybody know who can trailer a SWB Pajero from Kent - ME9 7QP to Bucks this week please? Drop me a PM if you can help please. Thanks Bruce
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