1. T

    Kenwood DNX 5160BTS Multimedia SatNav

    Selling my Kenwood DNX5160BTS Multimedia Double Din Sat Nav – only 8 months old due to upgrade. See attached link for specifications: DNX5160BTS Apple CarPlay with built-in sat nav ? Kenwood UK Removed from my Mercedes CLK 280 by a professional installer. Selling for £265.00 + £10.00...
  2. M

    Kenwood woes

    Hi all, My first thread so be gentle. I have upgraded my 639 Vito stereo, but I am having trouble with it turning on/off. It seems like it has a mind of it's own. Initially it wouldn't turn on, open the side door it came to life. It would then turn off when the door switch was being made and...
  3. clk320x

    Kenwood DNX4230BT Double Din

    Kenwood DNX4230BT double din Only been installed for a few months MINT condition, boxed as new Good unit with Garmin satnav , Bluetooth etc I will Be moving back to OEM hence sale. RRP £600! PM me if interested with an offer ;) Also have the steering wheel interface for...
  4. clk320x

    Kenwood radio help

    After having a Kenwood DNX4230BT fitted in place of my comand system the audio sounds worse! This is ridiculous as surely aftermarket must sound at least equal to.a 13yr old system? Anyway, I believe it's something to do with the settings Anyone have experience tuning an aftermarket Headunit...
  5. M.A.94

    Kenwood DDX5015DAB surround

    This is a long shot but anyone got a surround for a kenwood ddx5015dab double din unit?
  6. T

    Help required fitting a Kenwood DAB in A208 CLK 2001

    Hi, I've bought a Kenwood DAB to replace the standard Audio 10 with multi-changer as the CD never worked. I've got a problem with the wiring. I've changed stereo's before and normally a simple set of adapter wires are needed to connect the new to old set of wiring. On the CLK however i bought a...
  7. S

    Kenwood stereo into 2002 ML400 CDI

    Hi, Any help will be much appreciated! We've recently bought a 2002 ML400 CDI which came with a big hole where the stereo should be! We'd like to fit our Kenwood KVT-526DVD but have run across a problem getting it to work with the existing BOSE system :wallbash: Can anyone tell me if this...
  8. Doodle

    Kenwood DNX7210BT double DIN navigation head unit

    As I've got no use for it for the forseeable, it's time for this high end Kenwood unit (£1k when new) to find a new home. Packed with features so you can play pretty much any type of media 7" motorised detachable double DIN touchscreen DVD player Parrot bluetooth connection, plus streaming...
  9. toby1

    Kenwood DNX5230DAB double-DIN HU

    I've had this in the 210 for about 18 months and it's an excellent head unit with in-built Garmin satellite navigation. I'm selling because it's far too much work and expense to install in the 140 and my 210 is being loaned out to my brother. I am asking £350 ono Specs: Navigation ? DNX5230DAB...
  10. Merty

    Installing a pioneer or kenwood

    Hi guys I want to install a pioneer touchscreen app radio to my merc . My question is would it still function with the steering wheel button for on call and off ...
  11. I

    Fitting Kenwood Headunit into 1999 W208 CLK

    Why is the above proving so difficult ??? I replaced the original Audio 10 with a Blaupunkt a few years ago. It was a straight swap, same connectors. Done in 5 mins. Have now bought a Kenwood DAB headunit. Have plugged the existing ISO connectors into the Kenwood loom. There's a whirring...
  12. Blobsta

    Steering wheel control for Kenwood Head Unit

    I have an Autoleads PC910-X71 for Mercedes Audio 20 >2001. I bought it thinking that I would be able to get a patch lead for my Pioneer unit but I was wrong, it is a discontinued model so I only have the lead that goes to a kenwood unit. They were £100 new, I paid £50 and have had it in...
  13. gIzzE

    Kenwood hi end head unit, ipod, usb, bluetooth, time alignement, crossovers, EQ etc.

    I have got one of these spare..... Halfords | Kenwood KDC-BT92SD CD/USB/SD/iPod-Receiver with Bluetooth This is an Audiophile quality head unit, it has time alignment, excellent crossovers, very high end DACs, lovely output stages and sounds sublime. It came with the ML I bought and I very...
  14. T

    Kenwood SATNAV DNX5210BT - Safety Speed Cameras Installation

    Hi I am trying to install the Garmin Software for my Kenwood SATNAV. Have followed instructions from the Kenwood Website - subscribed to the Pocket GPS World, and downloaded the software to my SD Card as instructed and seemed to have copied successfully. The instructions then say to put in...
  15. tintinmt

    New Kenwood in my S124

    I picked out a replacement for the system that was in my car when I bought it. I now have radio, single CD, Bluetooth integration of phone (HTC Desire) and audio and USB stick. I installed the USB port in the glove box and also a new lighter socket to power the phone when in the cradle. The...
  16. T

    Kenwood DNX-9260, 2005 clk, audio 20

    Anyone had any experience of fitting a Kenwood DNX-9260 in a 2005 clk with audio 20? I know i can get the power and speakers connected, not sure about the dash surround and if i can maintain any steering wheel control, anyone got any answers? Thanks Mark
  17. B

    Kenwood head unit in W208 clk

    Hi all I could someone please tell me if a kenwood KDC 4551ub head unit will fit stright into my, W 208 CLK 320, which is a 2000 year. Or will it need a harness. I was told not but this was by halfords. Many Thanks Pete
  18. S

    Kenwood DDX418 Aftermarket Stereo Upgrade

    Hello, I have posted this question on and no one seems to really know. I have noticed that people here in MBClub have proven to be a little more knowlegeable about our beloved Mercedes. I currently have an E320 with Audio 50, and looking to install the Kenwood DDX 418 with...
  19. timskemp

    Kenwood DVD Double DIN + Accessories + sub/amp combo

    Removed from my W211 I have a Kenwood DDX5022 double DIN dvd / Radio. Complete with iPod Video cable (plays video and audio from iPod / iphone, also charges). Has touch screen, single DVD/CD player, lots of ins and outs, built in DSP and crossover, sub outputs, all that stuff. Sound quality...
  20. stchris356

    Kenwood CAW-MB1080 Adapter

    Hello everyone, newbie here! Just purchased w208 2001 and fitted a replacement Kenwood stereo(BT60U) A and have a quick question about the steering wheel adapter if anyone has fitted it. It say in the destructions that I would loose the central display in the cluster, my question is, does that...
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