1. E CLASS

    Somalia / kenya

    A truly horrific situation for the family of the bereaved and the wife who has gone missing. However would you seriously choose a holiday resort that boasts: "6 armed police officers and 22 armed guards patrolling" If that does not send warning signals - what does??? I think you ned to...
  2. R

    Hello from Nairobi, Kenya

    Hi guys, Just joined the forum after getting my first MBenz.....a 1998 W140 S320. Its in great shape, dealer maintained and has 70K on it from one owner. It was the CEO's official car so all the bells and whistles work and really its all highway miles. Will post pics soon. Its my first MBenz and...
  3. S

    o/t kenya yes that is the bloke who gave us badger, badger, badger
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