1. gr1nch

    Kerbed alloy

    Not been two months since getting my first Mercedes and first luxury car, yet I kerbed it trying to squeeze past a car which had parked where it shouldn't have. Heard the dreaded grind. No one was behind, stopped, got it and looked at it. Was fuming, even more so as there was a young driver...
  2. F

    Kerbed alloy - fixable?

    Due to a stupid bit of impatience on my part, I've managed to damage my near side front alloy. It's a real mess and has also taken a bit of rubber from the tyre. I have a terrible feeling that a second of impatience is going to cost me a fortune. Fixable or new wheel?
  3. N

    Kerbed Alloy

    Hi all. I have unfortunately managed to slightly kerb one of my alloys after just 2 months of getting the car. :mad: The damage is not that bad but annoys me. Its left about a 2 inch scratch on the outer rim. The car has got 18 inch AMG alloys which I think are diamond cut?! How can I confirm...
  4. Alps

    Kerbed wheel......:(

    After 4 years of owning my 19" splits finally one came to have a intimate relationship with a kerb! Thanks to the guys at WheelWorx in colchester they split the rim and re--diamond cut the lip and refurbished the barrel as directed. I left the wheel with them for a week but they had turned it...
  5. P

    OSR Alloy kerbed :(

    Not even managed 400 miles and I've done some damage to one of my alloys.. Anyone know of any good repairers in the rickmansworth area? Thanks PH
  6. B

    Kerbed it!

    It had to happen. After 3 months of ultra cautious parking, wing mirror down every time, managed to scrape the front o/s wheel on the kerb steering to drive away. Was obviously angled in and misjudged the position of the wheel relative to the pavement. So as well as my pride taking a knock it...
  7. W

    Kerbed alloy wheel - mobile repair - high wycombe

    Wife kerbed alloy around the rim edge and needs sorting. Ideally mobile near High Wycombe or place in High Wycombe. Used WW last time, but bit dear.
  8. M

    Kerbed Alloys Record

    Refurbed AMG's back on the car Sunday. Hit a pot and 'kerbed' the front driver side today. Is this a record? P.S. The pot was on an unadopted street. Is it permissable to go along putting out residents windows?
  9. F

    Kerbed my wheel

    It happened for the first time to me ever last nigh and I am gutted. I was out in the W203 with my gorgeous g/f and at the barrier where you enter the car park I was not paying attention and got distracted and bloody kerbed the rear near side alloy wheel. The damage is about a inch scrape...
  10. M

    what a jerk! wheels kerbed!

    oh blimey heck deck i put my new shiny 19's on yesterday ... ... and kerbed them todaY¬!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i deserve to die . its a little kerb scrape and dig on the rim of the alloys, anyone know any place close to birmingham that can sort it out for me?
  11. D

    kerbed polished rims

    last night was a very sad day, friend just kerbed my rims :mad: now do anyone know where to get them repaired? these are polished rims with deep dish from estatus...the question is 1. where to get it repaired? 2. once repaired the shop will get relacqured for the smooth and shiny look...
  12. Alps

    kerbed wheels

    thought id have a quick rant on here just kerbed up my rear wheel badly coming out of an ncp AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH really pissed off at myself for doing it too! :mad: rant over, just needed to say something to people who understand! g/f said "its...
  13. marc777

    They kerbed it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just collected my car from the dealership........and despite asking them nicely and respectfully to look after the wheels (they are, after all, only a few weeks old and the tyres a very low profile).they kerbed one of the front wheels !! The manager had checked the car thoroughly the night...
  14. gklau

    Kerbed my wheel!

    I'm on-call tonight so I've got time to spare! Well, I was driving to work tonight at around 8:00pm in Leicester and the weather was horrendous. None of the gritters were out and the road were slicked over with ice. As soon as I left my underground parking, I encountered a slight incline...
  15. simonl

    I just kerbed an alloy. Gggrrrr!

    Damn, damn, damn. They're only a few months old as well. B***ocks! :mad: Not too bad - a couple of inches on the rim.
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