1. A

    Key issue

    Hello everyone. I wonder if any of you could help shed some light on this issue. Ive just had a replacement key delivered ( the original had a broken moulding so it worked intermittently). Its been delivered from Mercedes with the correct emergency key so it opens the car but of course...
  2. MSG2004

    Key Battery - Is this repalced at every service?

    Hi We bought a brand new GLE in April last year. Rarely open the windows via remote control but noted this summer the windows would not open via remote. However, the open/lock and open/shut boot worked well from close by and distance. As it got hotter I thought I'd try the new/spare key...
  3. E

    Recoding key

    Can the keys be reprogrammed so any other spare keys do not work, as i only recieved one key for my car
  4. cooks

    key fob

    I tried to lock the doors and windows with button held down on my key fob but nothing happened,have i knocked the sensor or does the fob need reprogramming.This was working..any advice.
  5. 5

    W210 E55 key

    Hello all I would like to get a spare key as I only have one for the e55. What is the best way of doing this without going to the main dealer. As the car is from Japan the dealers in Dubai are reluctant to sort. I am in the UK at the moment so think it might be easier sorting it here...
  6. N

    W211 Key fob/central locking issue

    Hey guys, All of a sudden the Central locking/open boot etc is not working. What we have tried. Replacing batterys in key fob - No joy. Re-sync of key fob - turn key to position two, pull it out, within 10 seconds hold down the lock buttom and press the unlock button 5 times quick...
  7. C

    Replacement key genuine or no genuine

    Hi all just got a 2007 ML 320cdi but only has one key . Had a quote off my local main dealer (Exeter Devon) of approx £290 ! :eek: a quote off a auto locksmith for £170 . Has anyone here had a non main dealer key made for them ? and was it all ok ? I ask this as one auto locksmith i spoke to...
  8. D

    Syncing Spare Key

    Recently purchased a 2010 CLC200. The spare key does not work so I have replaced the battery. I've seen in a couple of places you put the key in the ignition, turn to position 2 and so on... Trouble is the key won't turn because it does not seem programmed/synced to the car. What can I do...
  9. H

    W163 key

    Hi, One of my keys has stopped working on my ML55 2001, it will open the doors via the look, and start the car, but not remotely unlock and deactivate the alarm. Problem is caused by the key battery leaking. Does anyone know if theses keys are available, its a flip type with out the red infra...
  10. J

    New Key for Vito .

    Can anyone please point me in the right direction , as to where is the best place to get a spare key/fob , and likely cost? I live in Coventry, so i guess would have to take the key there as such , so somewhere local would be a bonus. Thanks Jonny.
  11. CLSMark

    Key programming.

    I only have one key, and I see genuine replacements on fleabay at a reasonable price. Can this be done at home? Or do I need star? Or worse, main dealer? Can anybody on here do it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. clk320x

    Key marks

    Came back to car to find what appears to be key marks? Can't remember seeing them before :mad: Any advice to remove them?
  13. R

    Ignition key won't turn

    Morning All, new fish here. Tremendous resource this site, wish I'd thought to look for it 5 years ago! I've a gremlin with an intermittent twist that might just cause heart failure if I cant get some quality advice...hence my joining the forum. I have an 02 plate C270 estate which has...
  14. UtterPiffle

    w210 e430 possible EIS fault. Key does nothing in ignition...

    Hi all, Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction here. I have an old w210 e430 in the barn. I left the key in the ignition when the car was in the barn for about 3 months, and the battery obviously went flat. Put on a new battery (fully charged), and the key now does...
  15. markjay

    Replacement Key Fob (not MB)

    My 2010 Kia Soul needs a new key fob. One of the two fobs is playing-up, and while the car is still under its 7-year warranty, the Kia dealer wants £120 to 'investigate' the problem before confirming if the fob will be covered under warranty or not... Anyone can recommend a trusted car...
  16. AMGeed

    Chrome key problems?

    I had to make yet another visit to the dealers today because my chrome keyless go key is refusing to unlock the doors or start the car on occasion. (Driver KG handle needs replacing so using the key fob to unlock) I have been getting the message, key not found. or words to that effect and...
  17. A

    Changing key batteries

    First, am I right in thinking that when I press lock/unlock on the key fob, if a little red light flashes it means that the batteries are running low? Second, when looking up how to change the batteries, I've seen some pretty uncomfortable stories about keys suddenly not working when old...
  18. S

    New key

    Is the main dealer the only source for a replacement key.. i only have the one and would like a spare
  19. K

    No Lock for a Key on Tailgate 2006 S203 C Class

    I have a problem ...going on a 24hr ferry ride to Spain and the inclination sensor/ tow-away sensor has to be deactivated. I press the button on the dash and the red light blinks once, get out the car after locking other THREE doors and lock the Drivers door with the mechanical key as said in...
  20. S

    w204 key packed up

    All of a sudden my key doesn't work. I changed the battery and tried 3 different ones but it still doesn^t work. If I get close to the car and press a few times, it sometimes works so I initially thought it was the battery. When I press it there is no red light so I suspect the contacts inside...
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