1. jonnymerc

    Apple ipad pro 9.7 gold 32GB apple keyboard and apple cases

    Selling ipad pro 9.7 32GB gold very good condition with original apple keyboard £130 and 2 original apple cases £ 80 it's 12 months old there is a tiny mark on the edge of the ipad apart from that perfect It's my son's he is looking for £520 ono it's also on ebay aswell Any questions call...
  2. L

    Weird Keyboard Antics

    Recently I went to use the @ key but what came up was " . When I used the key for ",it came up as @. The key for pound comes up as #. The keys for $, %, ^ ,& ,* ( and ) all work normally. It appears that at least 3 keys are not working properly. Is this issue fixable?
  3. Happytalk73

    Can you recommend a smart TV Keyboard?

    Just recently started viewing YouTube on our tele. In the words of Alan Partridge typing a search with the smart remote pointer can be 'a long drawn out affair!' Thought a keyboard would be much quicker, however very mixed reviews:
  4. E

    Apple tv bluetooth keyboard

    Can anyone recommend a small bluetooth keyboard that works with AppleTV, theres quite a few on eBay/Amazon but just thought id get a recommendation if some one has one;) TIA
  5. E

    Apple magic mouse & bluetooth keyboard

    Brand new wrapped in box. £75 delivered free! (no offers)
  6. M

    Microsoft Surface RT 32GB - Windows 8.1, Office 2013, Type Keyboard

    Hi For sale I have a lightly used and in perfect condition Microsoft Surface RT 32GB with Type Keyboard. Runs Windows 8.1 Update and Office 2013, Also will include the HDMI cable for it Comes with all boxes and packaging. £160 Cash on collection or + £10 for postage. Cheers.
  7. E

    Apple wireless keyboard & magic mouse

    Apple Wireless keyboard & mouse | eBay
  8. LTD

    Keyboard shelf help / ideas required

    Not like me to come up with a weird request to get us all thinking now that we are back to work after the festivities !!! I am wall mounting my 27" iMac in my 'man-cave' but I am not having a desk below it. It's fitted using a standard VESA mount and the Apple VESA adapter. I will have a...
  9. E

    Apple keyboard & magic mouse

    New....wrapped...boxed! £75 Delivered free! For sale elsewhere so don't waste time.
  10. E

    Apple magic mouse & keyboard

    Never used & wrapped in there box. iMac was replaced so no need for two lots of key/mouse. This is connected through bluetooth so may work with windows PC's but please do your homework as im not 100% sure on this! £80 delivered free (no offers) also on Gumtree! :thumb:
  11. N

    Need receiver: Logitech EX 100 Cordless keyboard & mouse

    I've been given a new, boxed Logitech EX 100 cordless keyboard & mouse which had 'never been opened'. The USB wireless receiver appears to have evaporated out of the box & so kb & m are useless. Strange, because it does look like it's never been opened. Anyhoo, I think this is what originally...
  12. M

    apple ipad 1 16gb wifi boxed + bluetooth keyboard case x2

    apple ipad 1 16gb wifi boxed + bluetooth keyboard case & one normal case. £250 if collected , based in London... Pm if interested...
  13. R

    Apple iPad Keyboard Dock

    I have for sale, due to a dramatic reduction in the number of iPads in this household :cool: - an Apple Keyboard Dock for iPad. Perfect condition, as new, with box & papers. Here's the link: Apple iPad Keyboard Dock - British - Apple Store (UK) It is a British English layout, with the...
  14. A

    Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic mouse Boxed

    New Apple keyboard and Magic mouse. Bluetooth. Box and new came as std with an iMac and not required. £75 inc postage payment as a Paypal gift please PM me.
  15. ringway

    Crazy Laptop Keyboard.

    I'm pulling my hair out! The keyboard on my Toshiba laptop has developed a fault. When typing the cursor will jump to a previous paragraph and insert text there. Also I seem to be getting the occasional "missd lettr" resulting in numerous typo's. The strange thing about this is, I feel it...
  16. pamrit

    Apple iPad 64GB WiFi + 3G UK with Case & Keyboard Dock

    UK Model APPLE 64GB WiFi iPAD + 3G with official Apple iPad Keyboard Dock - International English and Incase Convertible Book Jacket for iPad and full warranty. The unit is in as new condition without a single mark or scuff. it has always been kept in the box and hardly been used at all. All...
  17. jonnyboy

    keyboard acting weird?

    Hi all You may already know of my PCW business support disasters from another thread. Separate to that my laptop came back from repair and had been reformatted by me in error, so I reinstalled everything, did all the updates etc etc. In my wifes profile, but not in mine or the kids', we have...
  18. James Rothwell

    Problem with keyboard hero.

    Hi everyone, I have an issue with a guy who emailed me when I was selling my S600L from Pistonheads offering me his 730d to swap for my W140, obviously alarm bells ring and it seems fraudulent. Out of interest I did a Experian check on the car and it was showing finance outstanding on the car...
  19. M

    Any keyboard players?

    I've been mooching around trying to find the answer to a query - most of my keyboard player contacts use Korg and Yamaha gear.... Anyway - I've got a couple of gigs depping for the guitarist, and the band are supposed to be supplying me with the tracks so that I can rehearse. Had a call from...
  20. nigel cross

    PSP Keyboard

    Anyone done this? Using ir keyboard
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