1. 280gee

    Keyhole Surgery

    Well more like letterbox surgery really as Ollie expertly degutted the cats on my W210 in short order having made the required opening! (should be material for a few puns there) This was combined with fitting a new rear exhaust pipe and back box on the same visit. Results seem well worthwhile...
  2. B

    alarm keyhole

    I've just bought a 1995 W124 estate - it came with a flip out key and a smaller normal-looking key. i presume that this is the alarm override. the problem is, where the devil do I put it? I have looked in the engine bay and under the passenger footwell but can't find a keyhole anywhere any ideas?
  3. big x

    Where is the keyhole to turn off the siren ??

    I've got a 1997 C-class with the standard fit IR immobilizer in the rear view mirror and can't find where the small stubby siren key fits.The siren is in the usual position in the RH of the engine bay but I've spent an hour trying to find where the key might fit ???? adam
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