1. K

    Keyless Entry Theft

    Hello Everyone, I am new toi this forum and wanted to talk about my horrible experience. I purchased a C200 brand new from Mercedes Benz Brooklands and collected the car in January 2016. In May of this year the car was stolen from my drive without the thieves getting into my house and...
  2. T

    Keyless Go

    Can keyless start be retro fitted to a new B class?
  3. N

    Keyless Entry

    Hi All, I have keyless entry on my 2003 CLK. I've just had the drivers side handle replaced as it never worked since I bought the car. The passenger side has always worked, when you click the handle the doors (divers and passengers doors unlock) and the passengers door is slightly push out...
  4. C

    Is keyless go less secure?

    Hi all So I have a car with keyless go and loving it. So question are cars with keyless go less secure from a theft perspective? Is so, how much less secure? Would you say they are easy to steal it just *easier* Any knowledgeable replies appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. H

    CLK w209 keyless entry not working

    Hi I cant seem to get my keyless entry to work on my 2006 CLK350 convertible. The batteries in the key seem to be working fine as it locks and unlocks the doors via the buttons etc. When inside the car, the keyless go function also works fine, so I can start the car with the keys in my...
  6. GLK

    Keyless Go Engine Start/Stop Push Button

    Mercedes OE Engine Start/Stop Push button. A221 545 0514 Brand new (okay, I plugged it in my car, and pressed the button once - nothing happened LOL). £20 delivered in the UK
  7. merc85

    Keyless go repair

    Just seen these guys Anyone used them?? Welcome to the Frontpage!
  8. F

    W211 '04 E55 - KeyLess Go Starting fail after front SAM Replacement

    Hi guys I'm experiencing a strange problem on my '04 E55, and any kind of help will be appreciated. The story : few months ago, my front right turn signal stopped to work; first I thinked about the headlight, but after some search i found that was the front SAM module need a replace. So I...
  9. Scooby_Doo

    Keyless Entry Car Theft

    Seen the previous posts about this and there was an item on the "One Show" tonight about cars with keyless entry being stolen with some hi tech gear. I was a bit concerned as we have a static caravan on the coast and I would assume that picking up the keyfob signal through the walls of one of...
  10. R

    Retrofit radio keyless entry to infrared equipped w203?

    Is it possible to change from infrared to radio? Maybe a module from later c class models?
  11. addbuyer

    Keyless car theft, is this how it's done

    Not a Merc but...... Car hackers steal a £60,000 BMW by holding up bag to door | Daily Mail Online
  12. A

    2006 CLS new keyless door handle colour coding.

    Hi I bought a new drivers side keyless door handle for my 2006 CLS as the switches has got water in them and no longer work but found that Mercedes don't sell them colour coded, when I took it to a bodyshop in my town for painting they said the chrome section on top of the handle would need to...
  13. D

    keyless Go opens doors when wet

    I'm new to Mercedes and Keyless go, my new GLC AMG Line Coupe has keyless go and I've found that when hosing my car down with the keys in my pocket the doors keep unlocking and locking. Obviously the finger sensor senses the water and unlocks the door. This is very alarming, could this happen...
  14. Alps

    w211 keyless go opening only drivers side

    bth passenger side doors not locking or unlocking using keyless buttons. everything else works fine, will post up results of STAR this afternoon. my bet is on left side antenna module..
  15. P

    Keyless entry/go lost

    Hi, my SL55 has keyless entry and go but it doesn't work. What's it likely to be? Is it simple to re code to the car if so what does it cost? Thanks
  16. A

    Keyless doorhandle problems.

    I have a 2006 CLS which has keyless door entry, but I noticed today when I pressed the button on the handle to lock the car that it would not work. I have been told this is a common fault but I am wondering can the faulty sensor be replaced as I have the same problem with the rear passenger door...
  17. H

    Keyless Car Washing Tips

    My first attempt at jet-washing shows that I need to think about this a little more. I had the key in my pocket, and the doors kept unlocking as I aimed water near the handle. The wing mirrors were folding/unfolding and the hose being dragged under the rear opened the boot mid-wash. I can...
  18. S

    W211 keyless go issues

    OK. I've got a strange one and I can't find anyone else that has had the same before. The keyless go doesn't work for locking or unlocking any of the doors or the filler cap. It does however work for the boot and for keyless starting, and locking and unlocking are just fine with the fob. I...
  19. Lenny63

    The very common keyless door entry issue

    A bit like a ticking time bomb I suppose , my drivers keyless door handle stopped working after a heavy freeze yesterday ! Late last night it worked twice but then stopped working again It will Neither lock or unlock the car - all remaining 3 including boot are working fine Car was plugged...
  20. A

    Keyless Start

    Good morning guys. I just got MY14 W222 S Class, equipped with Keyless Go ( or so I thought) however, I have to lock/unlock the car using the keyfob, as it won't lock/unlock otherwise. Is there such thing as Keyless Start only, rather than Keyless Go on the S Class?
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