1. D

    Original dealer keyrings from 03/04

    Has anyone got one? Are they the same but with different dealers details etched/egraved/printed on the back or did each one order their own around then. I'm fairly certain my car was a reading car RY reg so I'd quite like a keyring to go with it. Sad I know but there you go. Any info on the...
  2. stats007

    Mercedes-Benz Car Keyrings!

    I have been given a quantity of model car keyrings in lieu of a debt from a friend of mine who unfortunately has gone bankrupt :( . I have kept the only DB7 ;) but have a number of MB models if anyone is interested? I haven't had time to go through them all but a selection below...
  3. F

    Mb Unique Keyrings

    MB UNIQUE KEYRINGS Hello I have created by hand a number of unique keyrings and would like to ask for your feedback please visit. You cannot get these in the shops. CLICK FOR THE KEYRINGS
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