1. -AJC-

    Replacement Smart Keys

    I've recently purchased an ML from a repossessions company. The car has no keys and I've been told I have to wait for DVLA to issue the new V5C before Mercedes will order replacements. I understand the reasons for this but surely the bill of sale is evidence that I am now the registered owner...
  2. U

    S class broke into without keys

    Hi, A few weeks ago I came on a Friday from a business trip, where I spent some money on suits and clothes due to my birthday having been on that week. I left the items in my car to avoid hassle from my Mrs for spending so much, and went to get them out Monday evening. All of the items had...
  3. B

    W210 lost keys

    Hi guys,I have owned over 20 mercs over the last 22 years but as they are getting a little harder to work on(electronics)hence why I'm here to seek help! I have 3 190s(2x190e 1x190d) and have just bought a 1996 E300td from a salvage auction to give up its engine to put in one of the...
  4. A

    What happens to all the keys.

    I have bought a couple of mecrs over the last few years and was wondering why they only ever have one key. Do the previous owners keep them as a souvenir or maybe the first owners are really careless and just lose them all? Do people that buy new cars have a draw full of old car keys? The...
  5. Arctree

    W203 Coupe Both Keys stopped working

    :doh: Hi there, Just got my first MB a month ago. W203 C220 CDI Coupe, 2007 Came back to the car today from work, clicked the fob key, it lit up but no car response on unlock or lock, had to use the key, the siren went off, inserted key inside and the car started. Got home, tried the other...
  6. Alfie

    Immobilise your car even if the keys are stolen

    We are offering a forum deal on the fantastic Autowatch Ghost product. This tiny device will allow you to programme a unique secret key press sequence which will immobilise the car. The device sits on the cars Canbus and will inhibit start and/or gear selection until a user defind key...
  7. 056bob

    R129 keys

    I have tried to order a new key through my local Mercedes dealer and have been informed that the keys are no longer available so if I have lost my key the car is effectively a write off. Where do I go now
  8. R

    2003 CLK500 Keys

    First off let me apologise if this is old news - not to me and I'm struggling to find anything on here. Second not sure if the fact that mine is a 500 has any relevance but just in case. I have two push button keys for the car but one stopped working today with no warning so changed the...
  9. R


    Hi I'm new here so hope his question is in the right place. I have just aquired a 2005 cls 500, but only have 1 smart key.The vehicle is equipped with keyless go, are keys available with this function, and if so are they main dealer only or is there an alternative. Thanks
  10. L

    Keyless Go keys

    I ordered a new Keyless go key from MB, it duly arrived, on Star they removed the missing key and did any other necessary stuff. However, it will not operate as keyless go and I did not have time to return to the garage. I will be returning first thing tomorrow. Does anyone out there know if...
  11. lfckeeper

    Keys locked in boot

    So the Mrs decided to get her coat out of my boot... Put the keys down to 'look at something'... Closed the boot... Searched the house for the spare to no avail... Any tips on how to get in or is this an expensive auto locksmith job? (AA membership lapsed 5 days ago) Its a 2005 W203 saloon
  12. E

    Synchronising one-button infra-red flip keys to the car

    As part of sorting out the remote central locking on my '94 R129, I needed to know how to synchronise the infra-red key fob to the car. I found four different options (and if anyone has any more, please add them): Method One: (THIS WORKED ON MINE) Point the transmitter at any door/boot...
  13. David404

    Replacement Keys

    Hi Folks Anybody used 'Safe and Sound your Car' based in Birmingham to source replacement Merck keys? Comment and opinion???
  14. Z

    Buying w221 EIS and two keys

    Hi I can buy a ignition barrel EIS plus its two keys,what is required to fit this into my 2007 W221 does it need coding to the car:confused:
  15. brucemillar

    124 Door lock barrels and keys?

    Folks My drivers door lock is knackered. The barrel is chewed up. Can I just replace the barrel with an eBay one, accepting that I will now have to use two keys? Or is there something I am not thinking through here. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  16. W

    Keys and EIS

    Hi all, calling on key and EIS experts. I've a '02 210 car with both original keys. Until now both of them have been working fine although a bit tatty. They're the old style pre chrome finish. The other day when I went to start the car, after a totally normal remote unlock, one of the keys would...
  17. Gledsyc63

    Snap on t handle hex keys

    I have 2 sets of snap on t handle hexs keys for sale in blue very light use £77 including postage each
  18. MancMike

    Guy Keys C63 in Knightsbridge

    Here's another one. Pensioner infuriated by Middle Eastern supercars in London keyed a Mercedes | Daily Mail Online This one's all wrapped up, caught, charged.
  19. N

    replacement keys

    Hi all, I`m having problems with BOTH keys supplied when I bought the car,only recently. The push pads are slightly cracked and sometimes they will neither unlock or lock,on the same key-so I have been taking both keys out for the past week. Any suggestions.Is it better to exchange both...
  20. rusty55

    Have you had this problem with keys after buying a second hand car

    My pride and joy bought last year is my sl320 had two keys both remotes and work perfectly with remotes and of cause starting the car But ! Went to drive the car battery was flat ok so tried the old school way of opening the door only to find keys didn't work, lucky boot was ok with keys so able...
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