1. KillerHERTZ

    Khz Vs Car

    So this morning during my normal cycle to work, I approach a long row of stationary traffic with around 1 metre between the kerb and the cars. Half way down the row a woman in the passenger side decides to open the car door (without looking) just as I approach, without any time to react I hit...
  2. KillerHERTZ

    Khz's "Should I buy this?" thread - help needed!

    Yep, another one of those threads! might as well make thread one for all of them in future :D 2002, CLK 320 (Petrol) AMG Kit & Wheels, bloke owns a tyre firm and said it has new on all corners. Last serviced from a garage in 2010. Been 'serviced' ever since by family members... :crazy...
  3. KillerHERTZ

    Khz's Bargin of the week - GAMECUBE

    Argos are doing a cube and the donkey konga bundle for £69.99. You can see it at the site here, but it's for store pick up only. Good price is that and don't think I have seen it cheaper anywhere. ARGOS LINKY If you having problems, its Cat No: 567/7720 Will post one every week :)
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