1. H

    722.6 kickdown problem 1996 SL600

    I have a late 1996 R129 SL600. Recently the use of kickdown has resulted in the immediate trigger of Limp Mode and illumination of the BAS/ESP orange light. Restarting the engine clears the symptoms until kickdown is tried again. If kickdown is not used the car drives perfectly, with no...
  2. S

    03 W211 E55k intermittent kickdown

    Hi I've just purchased an 03 E55k and it's suffering with intermittent kickdown. It'll kickdown fine and drive exactly how you'd expect then all of a sudden kickdown stops working and it'll only drop one gear. My friend has an 04 and his does it occasionally too, he said it's the throttle pedal...
  3. Gh3382

    w164 350 diesel kickdown

    I have a W164 ML 350. At lower speeds when the accelerator is pressed hard down you can feel the boost and kickdown, but at higher speeds 60 - 70 ish it doesnt seem to kick down even though it accelerates reasonably quick. It is my first diesel and I am used to petrol Automatices, Am I...
  4. M

    ML 270 CDI Kickdown issue - Help!!

    ML 270 CDI Strange Kickdown issue - Help!! Hello all, I need some help as I cannot understand what is going on with my 2003 Ml 270 CDI. I took the car to Mercland in Nuneaton today as I needed the MAF replaced (no kickdown and no power above 2500rpm) and at the same time the thermostat was...
  5. A

    KIck-down stopped operating?

    Dear All, The kick down on my C220 CDI Coupe has stopped working. It appears to be okay when driving away from cold and then stops operating after a short time. The vehicle appears to want to sit in top gear and when the accelerator is pressed slowly get faster instead of changing down...
  6. D

    Help with Kickdown / limp mode on w203 c320

    Hi guys. Need a little help with the car! I have a 55 plate w203 c320 cdi. The car drives fine apart but ive noticed that when the engine is cold, it sometimes struggles to find the next gear up. The car jerks a few times and only finds the gear when i ease off the accelerator. This also...
  7. poormansporsche

    Reposition Kickdown Switch ?? Bad / Good idea ???

    Good morning good peoples, Everyday I pull onto the motorway into slow moving traffic and straight onto a steep hill. Lane 1 is always solid from my junction to the next. Every time I try and move from lane 1 to lane 2 its a bit hit and miss whether the gearbox is going to engage kickdown and...
  8. R

    Kickdown E220 CDI avantgard

    someone please help , bought my car 4 weeks ago finding couple confusing things. 1st was code station & steaming up but think sorted this out. I need someone to answer this question about Kick down/back what ever you call it. The scenario, travelling at 40mph need to overtake car in front so...
  9. J

    CLS250 CDI auto. No kickdown / limp mode

    Car will go into limp mode with no kickdown,and fixed gear change at 2900 rpm. Most likely to occur going up a slope with gentle acceleration in 4th gear(35-40mph) -although it has occurred in the cruise on the flat at 60mph. When you stop, turn off and start again, a reset occurs ~ back...
  10. L

    c220 cdi cuts out on kickdown power

    3rd time this has happened now. Used kickdown whilst driving and once its gets to around 70mph flashes up EPC warning and cuts all power until i put car into park and restart it. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks for any help guys. Much appreciated
  11. D

    C320 Sport lack of power, low mpg, ages to start

    Hi all, I've got an 04 C320 sport coupe (petrol) that has developed a few issues since I ran very low on petrol (didn't quite run out). Engine now takes ~30 secs of continuous turning over to start - chugs until revs kick in then idles happily around 700rpm, low mpg ~19 on 40 mile drive...
  12. T

    Please help.kickdown hell.

    I am in dire need of someone who has cured my cars problem. I have a 2002 s203 c200 1.8 kompressor auto. other than a fault on the lambda which I am currently in the process of curing as I just fitted a new one. after I accelerate hard or kickdown the car will be sluggish as if in limp mode...
  13. I

    Auto box won't kick down

    Hi Hoping someone can help. I have a 2003 c220 cdi auto and the box won't kick down. The switch when the accelerator is pressed all the way down clicks but nothing. Also it looks like the revs are limited to below 3000 No faults are showing on the dash Where shall I start? Change...
  14. Ala

    2001 CLK 230 Auto Gearbox shift / kickdown problem

    Hi All, I apologise for the "bad form" of the first post being a "please help" post but I have only just acquired a 2001 CLK 2.3K Cabriolet and it has a problem. Upon purchasing the car I assumed it would be an easy fix. Having searched the internet and these forum pages I am concluding that...
  15. G

    No Kickdown - EGR / Speed Sensor

    Hi, Hoping to get some help and advice. I am experiencing the common problem of losing kickdown on my Merc E270. 3 months ago the car suddenly lost kickdown and restarting it fixed it. Since then, I had the issue 4-5 times. But since the last 5 days car regularly loses power after 5 minutes...
  16. A

    W163 No Kickdown

    Hello Guys, I own a ML270 CDI 2002 have recently had a inlet manifold replaced and a sump gasket replaced, now I have no kickdown and when driving the car doesn't want to go past 2000rpm , before I had the inlet replaced there was kickdown but it was inconsistent and would like some advice...
  17. L

    Help! Mercedes c320cdi power loss no kickdown?

    Hi guys, Was just wondering if any of you could help me out? I was driving down the motorway yesterday when I loss power it was as if the throttle wasn't working. The car would change gear but the kickdown wasn't working either. The car would build up speed but this was slow. The car...
  18. mbc270cdiscott

    c270 cdi epc error only on kickdown

    hi there iv just got this problem on my 2003 c270 cdi ,when you hit kickdown i get a epc light flash then go away ,so i dont get any kickdown power ,but if i put my foot down to the point just before kickdown button endless power , any help will be appreciated many thanks scott
  19. ss201

    W203 down on power/no kickdown

    Car is a 2005 W203 320 CDi. The engine warning light has come on - owner's handbook recommends booking in for diagnostic check. Phoned my indie this morning to book it in on his machine but he's away until Sept 10, so have booked it in for then. The car starts well, idles and runs ok, but...
  20. D

    W203 CDI 220 No Kickdown \ Power

    2006 DPF 220 A few weeks ago I noticed when driving on the motorway approx. 70mph there was no kickdown, and then the kickdown would back. Recently when driving on the motorway the kickdown does work and then stops working after a little while, the car drives ok and displays no codes...
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