1. A

    Kicker Resolution R6 components with upgraded silk tweeters

    As above, I've had these for a while. Amazing speakers that get seriously seriously loud with good sq. They pound out the midbass compared to most of the crap you get these days. These are from the good old Kicker MADE IN USA days and cost circa £300 when new. These will definitely fit a...
  2. Palfrem

    Ass kicker Obama vs BP

    Anyone getting a bit fed up over President Obama's rhetoric over BP? It's grim scenario for sure, but perhaps he may like to contemplate the rather more serious outcome of another failed valve on a plant operated by a US company this time and compare the levels of USofA response and...
  3. Howard

    Kicker 8 inch Impulse sub in box

    Perfect if you want an unobtrusive sub. It won't blow your windows out, but adds a nice depth to the music , i was running it off a 150w amp bridged and it sounded nice. £25 ono
  4. Z

    Kicker Amp Question

    Does anyone know if the light on the front of a Kicker amp can glow in more then one colour? Mine is red right now but i could have sworn that it was green when i first got it installed, do the different coloured lights mean something or is it just my imagination? Thanks Zishan
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