1. d w124

    Awake the kid in you

    1989 Childs Mercedes SEC SL500 petrol ride on car totrod pedal car Junior Mercedes SL500 childrens luxury petrol ride on car totrod toylander | eBay
  2. M

    The new nervous kid in the corner.....

    Good Morning!!!! My actual name is Andy. Pleased to virtually meet you all! I am the new proud of owner of a pristene 1997 C180 sport.
  3. A

    New kid on the block

    Hi, I'd just like to introduce myself to you all, I have just started the hunt for a CLK63 AMG. Now I know these are rare cars so am in no rush to buy until I find the perfect (for me) one. I am struggling to find much/any information on the cars, hardly any reviews and YouTube is useless...
  4. D

    New Kid on the Block

    Hello every one, I am the new kid in Mercedes World. I have just bought but not collected my first Mercedes. Went for the E Class 200 Sport 125 Edition, not sure what that means but I am sure someone will tell me on here, by the way only talking about the 125 Edition bit. Test drove it on...
  5. M

    Two year old kid takes father's Mercedes C-Class for a joyride

    What is this kid going to do when he is a teen? Witnesses say they spotted a silver estate car "shoot out of its parking space and hit a post", but thankfully the child didn't suffer any injuries. 4 pictures and article .
  6. S

    New Kid

    Hi I have just bought my first Mercedes, It's an SL60 AMG. Its been sat in a shed for about 8 years, Bit of a barn find.
  7. developer

    Move over Richard, Lee is the new kid on the block

    I've always been impressed by my pal Sweetpea. A born entrepreneur, never shy of hard work and prepared to diversify to meet any market opportunities. Commercial vehicles, Solar, Property - all in his stride. However, this time I'm big style impressed :D.
  8. poormansporsche

    Kid no extra charge !

    what weird pics but a reasonable looking car though :dk: W124 Estate Mercedes E280 Auto 1995, 7-seater, Tax, MOT March 14, Heated leather | eBay
  9. F

    New kid on the block !!!

    Bonjour to everyone.......
  10. scottishman2

    Why do I feel like an excited kid???

    Cos tomorrow I'm going to MB World for an AMG Experience...... looking forward to it more than I ever thought I would! Had a Classic Car day at mallory park last year but somehow the AMG thing seems more exciting! Hope its not a big let down!!
  11. wkdc230k

    New kid on the Block

    Hi Everyone New to the forum thought I would say Hi! At the moment I am driving a MB '99 C230K I am located down in Hampshire.:rock::rock::rock: Cheers Berti
  12. L

    new fat kid......

    Im the new fat kid in the class......poke fun all you like!:rock: i have just bought a CLK 320 from Jay Manek at cant pick it up till middle of next week and its killing me. Swapped to MB after a big highside on my Suzuki GSXR breaking my leg in two places and multiple...
  13. Mudster

    When I was a kid......

    My dad used to take me swimming at Richmond Baths every Sunday Morning. I'd always pester him into taking me to the American Car centre in Kingston where I would window lick for 10 minutes before being dragged away.... I stumbled upon the following and it brought back all the memories of...
  14. C

    New kid in town !

    Hi,i am new on this forum.I have a 1998 c230k in metallic green which i have owned for around 3 years and i am now ready to move on to my next merc ! I am looking for some help with specialist car insurance as the the c43 AMG estate i am looking at is been modified (engine etc ). Has anybody...
  15. W

    New Kid and S600L

    Hi first of all im new just joined and im a big Mercedes fan especially the S class. iv always driven a car on private land and i turn 17 in november 2010 meaning i can pass my test etc. now i am a big guy im 6 foot 2 200-300 pounds im not exactly slim but thats why i like mercedes s...
  16. Sonny Burnett

    so you have a kid.....

    do you help them buy a car.. or buy one out right, loan them the money?? any parents on here what route did you take.. im posting this for a friend.. but personly id have to help them buy a car and it would have to be a benz..if not just for safety
  17. W

    NEW kid on the Block - 1st Merc

    :bannana:Hi Everyone:bannana: I am new here as I have purchased my 1st Mercedes W124 E320 Convertible and need a little help and advice, as you do with the older cars. All I know about this merc is that it was built in time Mercedes built them like tanks and I have always loved this Model. I...
  18. B

    New kid on the blóck

    Hey all, newbie here saying hi :) Looks like a good site - may I aska question right away? I am considering chopping my Jag in for a W220 S Class. I'm looking at either the 320 petrol or diesel or the S500 - I'd love an AMG 55 if one came up at the right price & condition. Obviously each...
  19. N

    Kid on bike

    If I were in the bike business I'd be sponsoring this kid.
  20. grober

    New kid in town!

    Does the Mercedes CLS have anything to fear from the "new kid in town" the Porsche Panamerica. Here's a couple of (poor quality :o ) vids. and...
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