1. J

    kids + seatbelt equals scratched door interior

    Hey All, My lovely kids bless them have now scratched the paint work 3 times on the rear doors when they slam them whilst the seatbelt is left dangling. See image at the bottom middle is the area i mean. Sick of it, and no amount of shouting at them seems to help. Any suggestions what...
  2. CLSMark


    I have two daughters, but sometimes I do wonder what it would have been like to have two boys, or one of each. I was changing the glow plug relay yesterday, had my 3/8 drive out, and my torx sockets, all really cool man stuff, would have been nice to a mini me watching in awe, as we all did with...
  3. A

    Scuffed door Kids bike

    Hi guys and girls How best to tackle a scuff/scratch on my door. Some little runt trying to ride his bike one handed whilst carry a skateboard in the other one crashed into my car. He has also managed to chip my door handle, only very small chip but still bugs me so will have to get this...
  4. S

    AMG Day - With Kids

    Hi all, I have my AMG day booked in for 13th April and when I called them this morning they said I could also take my son and one of his mates and they could be in the car when I'm on track which I'm pleased with. I'm booked on at 1.30pm but thought I'd ask if you thought it would be worth...
  5. developer

    Kids - They Can Make You Weep, No Matter How Old They Get

    But sometimes with happy tears... My two from last night. [YOUTUBE HD]8zs7R53hYBQ&t=97s[/YOUTUBE HD]
  6. D

    Workshop safety - kids

    Am after advice regarding the safety of a new home workshop I am building The workshop is going to contain some pretty dangerous tools, table saw, chop saw band saw etc. I am putting a stable door on it so as my 7 and 8 year old can't get in but can attract my attention when I'm working in...
  7. D

    Driving Experience for kids...

    Thought I would put up a quick review of this after today's experience. If your kids are into cars it's a good treat.... Back before Christmas I came across an advert for a Youth Driving experience off road. I have a daughter who I thought might fancy a crack at that... Today was the...
  8. 89speedster

    Kids ride on G Wagon

    Anyone know much about these? Are they safe or will it burn my house down like the mini Segways? They look great and I'm sure my little boy would love it! Mercedes G65 Kids Ride On Car 12V Battery Remote Control Toy Car Leather Seat | eBay
  9. Edwards521

    Kids at the pump....

    So, I stopped at the services to get some fuel today and my son, who's 8, got out to stretch his legs while I was filling up. We were chatting; as you do, and the attendant announced over the load speaker "no children at the pumps" and cut off the fuel. Now, I fully understand that no one under...
  10. jaymanek

    2 days, south france with kids...

    Hi all, Advice please. We only have a full day Sat, Sun and half Day Monday. Staying in a place called Sainte Maxime which is near St Tropez. We have two kids and are hiring a Mini convertible. Thinking drive to monaco for one of the days and the other day spend in St Tropez which is...
  11. M

    For those who have kids answer me this

    Hi All, For people with kids answer me this one question. Why do they love watching videos of people opening surprise eggs??? They are addictied to those videos?
  12. S

    Kids and puzzles

    Hi do we have any maths people here questions 2 and 3 doing my nuts as kids won't leave me alone until I solve A Sneaky HELP
  13. G

    Kids bunk beds

    Wooden bunk bed, with mattresses. Can be used as singles (as we have done for last few years) or as bunks where space is limited. Excellent condition, very clean, no damage. Very easy to separate or put together. Bought new around 6-7 years ago for kids to use during weekend visits. Overall...
  14. nick mercedes

    should poor people be allowed to have 9 kids?

    Somewhere worse than Donny (!?!): Skint - Channel 4 - Info - Press Should rich taxpayers have to sponsor all this, or should there be a cull?
  15. L

    Bloody KIDS!

    as i was coming out of my mothers tonight with the dog, she decides to run off (cause she thinks it's SO funny... the dog, not my mother.) around the corner three teenage kids are given a fright as a playful German Shepherd runs past them. so i drive the car around the corner to get her, and...
  16. Howard

    This should stop the trick or treating kids this year

  17. D

    Kids - are we wrecking their lives?

    Thousands of pounds have been allocated to build an “Urban Sports Park” for our local community. This will basically be a skate park with a few extra bits and pieces added around it. This has come about following an impressive campaign by a group of youngsters who gathered 700 signatures in...
  18. A

    Projector advice (for a kids room)

    Hello We have converted the garage into a playroom for the kids and resently at work I have been able to aquire a pull down screen. This should fit neatly at what would have been the garage door end and when not pulled down will be out of sight (ish). I now need a projector and was going...
  19. poormansporsche

    Wife with pmt, rain and bored kids ..

    God I'm glad to be back at work :)
  20. A

    Adverts that make me fill up now I have kids...

    Normally pre kids I would not bat an eyelid at this sort of advert... However our Little girl is now 5 and son 16 months.. It seems to change everything. Both my wife and I filling up over this last night... VW Polo Dad - YouTube
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