1. E

    Oh s**t Oh S**t Oh S**T! Have I killed the E320?

    Oldest mistake in the book - filled it with petrol not diesel. AAAAAAARGHHHHHH! Sixty litres, to be precise, so it's about 25% diesel still. Not surprisingly, the 'check engine' light is on and it's not running very well... I've done about a mile and a half. Is it beyond economic repair?
  2. 219

    Cyclist knocked down and killed pedestrian Although the case is ongoing , it is interesting to read some of the comments further down ...
  3. bob6600

    Well I think I've finally killed her :(

    So after finding a small leak I decided to investigate and found it to be a core/freeze plug. Ordered from MB and proceeded to remove the front cat, exhaust manifold and turbo. A few manifold studs came out as the nuts seized. Plug was tapped from one side but would not flip so drilled a...
  4. BIRMA

    Has Helen killed Rob Titchner

    I think she's been pushed to the limit and put us all out of our misery.
  5. P

    I killed the Radiator w211 2008 (I am an Idiot)

    I feel like a total idiot, had one of those days I wish never got out of bed! So, I borrowed an old trolley jack from my neighbour so as to jack the car up to so as to put axle stands under it. I used the centre front jacking point but needed to pad it out with 4x2 as the jack though heavy...
  6. AMGBlack

    Hit 10,000 miles and nearly killed myself..

    This might be a silly post, it might be too many late nights but is this possible.. Since changing my CL63 Bi-turbo, for my E63 AMG (S) I was slightly disappointed in the performance of the E. The CL always felt faster.. :confused: The CL at exchange had 32,000 miles and the E less than...
  7. markjay

    Total CEO killed in Moscow plane crash
  8. N

    Murder, manslaughter or stupidity? What killed Sprint Car racer?

    Murder, manslaughter, stupidity, racing incident? What killed Sprint Car racer? Everyone has probably seen the video...
  9. M

    OMG just killed my mates porsche

    Wow! Just been to meet my friends for dinner tonight. He turned up in his c4s and the my other mate has a v8 m3 and all I can say is see ya later!!!! He couldn't even keep up with me anywhere, he had a slight advantage off the line but he has got 4 wheel drive. What else have you guys beaten...
  10. K

    W202 just killed reverse

    Hi all, have a c180 98 an IV destroyed reverse gear somehow, still able to drive with 1st to 5th but with a hell of a rattle, doubt there's any chance of repairing it so how do I find out which gearbox will fit as a replacement? Any info appreciated Cheers
  11. U

    16year old killed in hit and run -trace this car

    Hi, tragic recent story of young Jade Clark being killed on her scooter in Ringwood, Hampshire. Police are looking for a front-damaged Volvo XC90 which is light coloured. See this article for more details We'll find you - police warning to Volvo driver in Jade Clark death crash (From...
  12. John

    Man killed at concert...

    What are people's thoughts on this: My husband was killed at a Jessie J gig | Hot Topics | Daybreak | ITV1
  13. DSM10000

    Two Police officers killed.

    My thoughts are with the realtives and loved ones of these two young officers gunned down today. BBC News - Dale Cregan held after policewomen killed in Manchester Rest in peace and inadequate is it is thank you for your selfless service to your community.
  14. st13phil

    Cash-For-Crash Suspects 'Killed In Drone Strike'

    Well here's a new angle on Cash-for-Crash insurance fraud. "It has emerged that two suspects who came to attention of police during a so-called cash-for-crash investigation were reportedly killed by US drone strikes in Pakistan." :eek:
  15. Red C220

    Red Arrows Pilot killed in ground accident

    Pilot dies in Red Arrows jet incident - Yahoo! Looks like his ejector seat was triggered on the ground.
  16. grober

    Marco Simoncelli killed

    Marco Simoncelli has been killed during the Malaysian Moto GP. Marco Simoncelli dead after Malaysian MotoGP crash | Mail Online Warning the video is pretty explicit.
  17. M

    Man killed for his CLK

    This is disgusting... What is the world coming to? My heart goes out to his family and may he rest in peace... 4 men arrested over Harjinder Singh Bhurji carjacking murder | Mail Online
  18. tpwuk

    Cat got killed

    I had to bury one of my cats earlier today. :( The friendly neighbourhood cat, killed by one of the neighbours! How ironic! Massive head trauma, he survived the accident however, the vet said there wasn't much they would be able to do for him. RIP Alfie.
  19. Davo

    W215 Audio killed - HELP!

    I recently bought a 2000 W215, lovely car, mettalic blue, in very good nick. However, it came with no Nav CD (still on order) and the CD was reading as empty, even when it had disks in. I decided to take the Cd changer out and send it here for repair: eBay link After a bit of a...
  20. S

    Lexus test driver killed

    PistonHeads Headlines Thing is, the damage to the cars involved doesn't look that bad. Such a shame.
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