1. brucemillar

    Driver "sentenced" after Costa Crash Kills Woman

    Westerham: Sentencing of elderly driver David Lord for killing grandmother in Costa Coffee crash I post this here as I struggle with the "Sentence" given out. Had the accused stood up day 1 and pleaded guilty, having said, It was me, I got confused! Then I could maybe understand the thinking...
  2. poormansporsche

    Mercedes Driver Kills Camera ......

    Nobody likes a speed camera but this is taking it a bit far ..... Oops - didnt look like anyone was injured thankfully !
  3. developer

    Bleach kills DNA

    I had no idea that bleach kills DNA - until the clever detective on Crimewatch just told half the country. There's nothing like revealing the trade secrets to give the crooks a helping hand eh?
  4. Peter DLM

    Whoops. Water puddle kills E320 W210

    So I might have gone a little too fast through that puddle in order to beat the 7.5 tonner onto the single carrigeway uphill road...... So, a millisecond after I explode this puddle of water under the car, I get the BAS warning, the ESP warning and the Battery/Alternator warning all together...
  5. Gollom

    Office VPN kills wireless connection

    Work laptop runs fine when connected wirelessly outside of the office (and authenticates as I can get my email on Outlook) but when I launch SecureRemote (e.g. I need to be on the corporate network) it seems to kill the wireless connection. Any ideas what to look at? Only does it on this...
  6. television

    speed kills
  7. bigk

    Texting Teen Kills Grandmother

    This muppet killed the mother of my friend. She simply drove her car into the mother's car because she was travelling at 60-70MPH and looking at her phone whilst texting. She texted nearly nine times and was on and off her phone in the space of fifteen minutes, lied to police about using her...
  8. glojo

    Speed Kills!!

    Road fatalities I have always got on my soapbox over the governments attitude towards road deaths and how they manipulate public opinion. Speed kills!!! Of course speed kills; what a ridiculous statement. If everyone was stationary we might starve to death or die of boredom, but we...
  9. Brian WH

    Ferrari F430 Spider Crash Kills Driver.

    Local to me a Ferrari Driver in his early 40's was killed. His 15 year old daughter was thrown clear and managed to telephone for help. Local paper said that it was well alight and upside down in a ditch. No other car was involved. Ferrari Crash on A50
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