1. tron

    How do I tell which kind of occupancy sensor I have?

    1998 S202 250TD. Prior to swapping out the seats, I need to know if I have the simple resistive sensor that can be linked out or the CANBUS type which I expect will be in the new seats. Can anybody help, please? While I can design a CANBUS module, I really do have better things to do with my...
  2. U

    What kind of chemistry is used for corrosion protection?

    As far as I know, there are two kinds of corrosion protection out there: Bitumen based and Wax based. And mixing them is a big NO. But what kind does Mercedes use in vehicles today? On cars sold in some countries, there is some extra protection. Code is "1U4 Vehicle waxing with additional...
  3. D

    Golf... the VW kind.

    As some know I've had ups and downs over the years with my step-son. Today he turned 21, and has actually matured into a pleasant and hard working young man. My one frustration is his lack of driving... He now works for a major insurance company and gets 50% off his insurance. So time to...
  4. C

    Later 124 series - what kind of bonnet badge is correct?

    I have a 1995 (built late 1994) E220 Cabriolet - a "second facelift" A124. On Christmas Day I managed to chamois the bonnet and catch my coat sleeve on the "gunsight" type Mercedes-Benz star badge, and break it off. Got a fake version for £11.49 on eBay. The parts visible above the bonnet...
  5. D

    kind sole can lend us ecu set ot car to test slk 230 r reg

    it is in limp mode and we tried everything accept ecu n compressor being 64k miles should not be compressor or any ideas to fix it too good to break with new mot help plsss dark blue metallic colour too it advertsed for sale as is for £1250
  6. Dave.tam

    Fords (of the watery kind)

    So, there's this lovely little pub in Eynsford, which has a crystal clear stream/brook running by it, with a tiny humpback bridge that has a ford beside it. I've seen numerous vehicles of all descriptions use the ford, and I've always wanted to drive through it myself but never had the...
  7. Makdissy

    What kind of cool Accessories do you have in your Mercedes ?

    do you have any cool genuine gadgets in your Merc ????!!!! Here is one of my favourite :thumb:
  8. poormansporsche

    One of a Kind C43 Interior For Sale

    Morning, Moving on to pastures new so stripping my C230K First up my C43 interior. Been professionally recoloured a while back so really quite good condition - not perfect but one of the best out there (compared to the proper ruff ones) All electrics work fine and heaters work fine...
  9. flango

    What kind of meet would you like?

    Following on from my other post about getting more active in the East Midlands/Yorks/Humberside area. What type of meets would members be looking for? Firstly let's define the geographical boundaries as I don't want to step on any ones toes. So let's consider Nottingham in the South, Leeds...
  10. Gurd63

    New member, kind of.

    New member, kind of. E63, SLK55 hi all, used to have an account on here, but only did a few posts. Thought i might as well start afresh. Anyway, i own a 2005 Mercedes SLK55 AMG and also a recently purchased 2012 Mercedes E63 AMG (pp plus) Good to be back :rock:
  11. M

    One of a kind Mercedes Kleemann W211 E-Class Allroad Wagon

    Interesting lower trim. from the article: Say hello to the Kleemann E50KCC, a tuning project launched in 2005 that you probably never heard of before. It's based on the previous generation of the Mercedes-Benz E500T and not only does it have raised suspension, but it also packs a mighty...
  12. Stratman

    What kind of float valve is this?

    Can anyone tell me what this type of valve is called? I need to do some investigation. It won't shut off properly. I unscrewed part '2' where I found a rubber diaphragm with what I can best describe as a plastic 'posidrive' bit poking through its centre. There's also a tiny plastic pinhole...
  13. Philbask

    Kind of misfire?

    Hi, looking for some ideas, my W124 230CE (M102.982 I think) has developed what appears to be a misfire but tbh it feels more like the engine is being choked! Not permanent but randomly will just lose power and feels as I say, like in the old days of a manual choke, that it was fully on when...
  14. Deane x

    One of a kind Mercedes cls brabus

  15. Deane x

    Any kind person get me data list for my car

    Hi could a kind person get my data list for WDB2201752A184738 ...reg M6WWC thanks :thumb:
  16. poormansporsche

    F/S One of a Kind D Class Trimmed Recaro's (W202?)

    Not the best pic but will do some more once i dig them out. Alfa GTV Recaro's trimmed in Grey Mercedes Leather by D Class (Perforated centres to match W202 interior) Currently deconstructed to allow fitment of subframes (DIY reconstruction possible) Genuine Recaro W202 subframes...
  17. G

    W164 AUX Install - What kind of cables I need

    I want to install AUX like that from the movie. What kind of cables I need? And Can I connect my iphone 5 with comand system? My idea is to use my iphone for navigation and to use comand only for the monitor? Thanks Video
  18. kalvin928

    Gps tracker of some kind?

    Has anyone got one fitted.... Not talking about the the official versions.... Looking on ebay an want something that will send something/ signal to my iphone if car is driven..... I could get giffgaff sim which offers best deals.... Anyone bought such a unit?
  19. davidbilyk

    Nottingham AMG meet yesterday (Kind of)

    Met up with Jules yesterday to grab my air filters (thanks again Jules) Couple of snaps took!
  20. bobven

    What kind of Command system I have??

    My ride details are below. Its a Japanese Spec and year 2010 W204 model. Can members advise the following? 1. What version of Command APS is this? How to find? 2. The Maps are for Japan, How to change them for Malaysian / Singapore ones?
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