1. Mike Walker

    An act of kindness

    I posted in a Pink Floyd thread a couple of days ago and mentioned that I had lost my CD of Dave Gilmour's "On an Island" somehow. :o 2 forum members kindly offered me a replacement copy free of charge and last night, following an exchange of emails, there was a knock on the door...
  2. R

    A Random Act of Kindness!!

    A few minutes ago our postie arrived with a large envelope for me. I opened it and found a wonderful book about Spitfires which I hadn't ordered. MBclub member Mike Walker had seen the book and knew I'd like it so he sent it to me as a present. I'm very pleased with the book and very touched at...
  3. R

    Random act of kindness.

    Imagine, as a random act of kindness, someone allows you to have your dream car for 24 hours. What would it be? How would you plan the day? Where would you go, who would you show it to etc...? I thought of this following yesterdays thread about your ultimate car.
  4. scotth_uk

    A rare show of kindness by Bank of Scotland Car Leasing

    Hi All, This is so amazing, I just had to let you know about it. Most of you know that my go kart came from Skyfleet, and is actually financed through Bank of Scotland. As a result of this, any fines for my excellent displays of driving ability ( :D ) are sent to the owner of the vehicle...
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