1. Red C220

    Integrated kitchen appliance advice please.

    I know there are one or two people in this industry on the forum and was hoping for a bit of impartial advice. We're having a new kitchen which is a complete redesign after some building work and we're wanting to fit integrated appliances. Bar a slim line dishwasher this isn't something we've...
  2. Tan

    Kitchen Sinks

    Hi More advice needed, I am looking for an undermounted stainless steel sink single bowl and separate half bowl and am need some advice on what brands to go for. I have looked at Franke, but they are going over my £200 budget, I also found two Smeg ones that fit the budget but none in...
  3. ivandraganov

    Kitchen refurb

    As above,time has come for new kitchen and dishwasher,the fridge and the cooker are still usable.Ideally bespoke oak,and ideas for dishwasher brand.Thanks for all ideas...
  4. M

    Kitchen Appliance dealer

    Looking for an appliance dealer (ovens, hobs, microwaves, ....) who is familiar with German products and exporting from the EU. Please send me any referrals for a dealer able to process VAT export exemptions. Many dealers don't want the extra work. Doesn't have to be in UK but is preferable.
  5. guydewdney

    robust kitchen doors for rental property?

    oh the joys of buying on tinternet.... Need approx 20 kitchen doors etc to spruce up aging kitchen in bristol. Place goes for 1400pcm to give you an idea of quality req'd. 3 bed flat. Doors appear to be a standard size. Suggestions appreciated for where to get reasonable price doors...
  6. W

    Various kitchen questions

    I've read the various forums, but feel little wiser. We're in the process of replacing our kitchen. The 3 options so far are: Homebase Odina range Local independent kitchen place Local carpenter with Howdens account Budget is up to £5k for 9 units and 4m worktop (fitting and...
  7. John

    2 DIY kitchen renovation queries.

    So it's time to replace the kitchen as various appliances have or are dying. I am removing the old kitchen and I have come up against two issues which I'm wondering if the panel can advise... House is 2002 and the kitchen I am removing is the original. So firstly, I have discovered in the...
  8. Tan

    Kitchen renovation

    Hi I am looking to renovate the kitchen as a stop gap measure, until we build a new extension in a year or so and then decide if we keep the kitchen where it is or move it to the extension. Structurally the kitchen is very good order and has solid wood doors, the only issue is that it look...
  9. John

    Nothing but the kitchen sink...

    So it's replacement kitchen time, which was always due, but now the bigger half of the oven has packed up and the washing machine is making a hole in the concrete floor (almost)... I've had plastic and Corian sinks before and we have stainless now. What are the club's experiences of other...
  10. S

    Cheap kitchen refurb.

    I'd decided my kitchen was ready for an update. The kitchen layout and condition of cabinets was fine, leaving only doors/handles, worktops, sink/drainer and cooker to change. Looking closer at the doors, I decided there was nothing wrong with them either, except the finish (solid wood/mid...
  11. R

    I may have just been kicked out of the Kitchen!

    I thought Kitchens were for exhaust cleaning. I took both of my cars exhaust trims off (eventually!) and washed them, then used Auto Glym Intensive Tar remover (wonderful stuff), Then a light bit of cutting compound to remove stubborn stains and finally Anusol sorry Autosol to polish them...
  12. D

    Kitchen Tap problem

    Hey all, Got a weird problem, cold water only seems to come out of the water tap sometimes when I turn it, its like a bit of a lottery! Cold water comes out as normal in any other tap in the house, its just the kitchen one which is incidentally the tap closest to the supply pipe I believe...
  13. Gollom

    Saturday Kitchen 25/2

    Anybody know who the guest star is today? We recognise him but can't place the name (Website does not say who it is) Edit: Found it - it is George Lamb
  14. trapperjohn

    Clock required. Masterchef Kitchen.

    Rant. So I had a wander through the hub of the house and SWMBO is watching Chaftermef. Would someone please put a clock in the Masterchef kitchen to stop that idiot wandering round telling people "X minutes" to go as if the world is about to end. It really gets on my t1ts. Rant Over and...
  15. corned

    Removing old kitchen floor tiles

    Hi all, Collective wisdom appreciated in advance! Our kitchen floor is being uprooted and replaced with lovely shiny new tiles. Trouble is, the old tiles are very well glued to the screed. Photo of the problem below: The tiles are sitting on what looks like cement rather than grout, and...
  16. J

    New Kitchen Floor

    As the title suggests we're going to have a new kitchen floor put in our house. Problem is that we'd both like to replace the existing red & black quarry tiles with a much lighter stone floor but we're scared the stone floor will mark up too easily and not be easy to clean. To set the scene...
  17. Tan

    No cold water in the kitchen

    Hi I have no water coming out of the cold water tap, I assume the pipe is frozen at some point, what can I do to rectify the problem? Thanks Tan
  18. Chattonmill

    I just won a £1000 kitchen voucher!!

    Had a call this morning asking if I was the home owner and under 70, would I like a new kitchen, if so I would be put into a draw for one of 10 vouchers...... to which I said no thanks. Call about an hour later and surprise surprise I have been sucessful:rolleyes: Just who do they think they are...
  19. gurpz

    Bristan Vegas Monobloc Kitchen Sink Mixer

    I know this is a bit off topic but would anyone be interested in a brand new Bristan kitchen sink tap. Bought this a few years back but never used it so comes complete boxed with everything. Full details...
  20. Bobby Dazzler

    Bobby's kitchen

    Mrs D is still under Doctor's orders to rest, and so I was in sole charge of provision of dinner this evening. I may not have a scooter or loads of good looking friends, but I think this recipe could teach Jamie Oliver a thing or two. I had a brain wave. We all share at least one MBClub...
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