1. M

    Leather Cleaning Kits - Sand/Canvas Colour Leather

    Hi All, After a decent cleaning kit and some on Amazon seem hit and miss or lighten and dye the colour of the seat! I have a dark beige/sand/canvas colour in my ML and after a gentle cleaner and protector, but do not want it to bleach or change the colour. Has any members found a decent...
  2. AngryDog

    Decent interior LED kits for W211

    My E55 has has LED's installed but they keep flickering, so I think the bulbs are likely crap ones. Does anyone have any recommendations of decent kits? Thanks.
  3. Bigdrew

    Hid kits

    hi there I am looking to upgrade my lights with a hid kit on a ML 350 cdi 2012Has anyone done this and is there any issues with them and what is the best one to buyI have tried various other bulbs but the seem to be no better than the standard ones
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Precisely the reason why you don't fit kits on to your car

    Mercedes CLK 320 3.2 V6 Avantgarde with Extreme Sportscars DTM kit 62,000 miles | eBay Nasty crack appearing and a dodgy looking seem on this CLK DTM replica. Decent write up in the advert however. What do you reckon the cause of that was? Large stone? Looking at the photos there does not...
  5. Dogbreath

    M113 55k AMG Belt wrap kits

    Just about to order 1 of these kits. Wanted to know if there is a huge difference in who makes them ? Anyone used a non UPD kit? There is a good £200 difference in price. is it just a name thing. Has there been any known failures with the cheaper kits..? Lee
  6. A

    Induction kits

    Hi all I have this in my shed fr my ST focus, it's a pipercross forced air induction, just wondering if I can adapt it to fit my A250 anyone know if this will effect my car in a negative way. Thanks for any advice and any thoughts Cheers Ben :thumb:
  7. C

    What aftermarket suspension kits are you using on a C63

    I don't want coilovers as I've had them before, far too rough on our roads and not enough travel. I have seen that Koni do adjustable shocks for the C63 and was thinking about getting some. Any ideas?
  8. D

    Mercedes clk Headlight polishing kits

    As per title, can anyone recommend a kit to polish my xeon headlights which has gone slightly cloudy? Scott
  9. P

    Body kits for MB

    Hello it's my first post on this forum but I think Ill do ok :) Im looking for a full body kit to my W204. I searched couple websites through the internet and I found that company - MIGA•TUNING It does have wide range of body kits and good price. Here is my point. Does any one buy any...
  10. L

    Chipex Paint Touch Up Kits

    Has anyone used the Chipex paint touch up kits? At £49.95 (no doubt plus postage) it seems a tad expensive. The video they show does not entirely convince me.
  11. B

    Hid kits

    Hi, bit of a newbie here. Basically I have an 02 plate c200 kompresser, does anyone know if this model is the model in which the hid kits are simple plug and play?
  12. C

    Phone Kits

    Hi, I'm new to this club and was wondering if anyone knew how or what I need to use the phone system in my 2003 E240 with the Comand radio system.
  13. S

    For sale: Cls w219 diffuser for 63/55 amg body kits UK

    Hi Guys, Looking to sell my CLS diffuser I have recently purchased from a forum member 'Braderz'. Turned out it required modifications which I don't really want to make as I will be selling the car soon and will want to revert back but can't if modifications are made, I thought it would be a...
  14. B

    For sale: Cls w219 diffuser for 63/55 amg body kits

    Morning all, Looking to sell my CLS diffuser I have recently purchased. Looking to sell as it turns out one of my pipes is to high and therefore would be touching the diffuser. Not the best idea with how warm the pipes get. I have drilled some primary holes in the bottom of the diffuser but...
  15. D

    cleaning plastic soft top screens and polishing kits

    Convertible Plastic Rear Window Care Kit for Mercedes-Benz SL 107 113 129 | eBay
  16. A

    W123 self levelling suspension - 'O' ring kits

    I have a few of these available, if anyone is contemplating refreshing their SLS valve to cure overnight sag due to internal leakage. It comprises 5 'O' rings. Nothing else is usually needed. It's an easy job... compared to getting all the pipe unions off and removing it from the car. £5...
  17. R

    W211 ISOFIX kits

    Hi guys, In my car i do not have an ISOFIX system. Its strange as i'm sure it is a free upgrade. Anyway, I contacted Mercedes dealers who said they do not have a retrofit kit. I questioned them and after a bit of digging around i managed to find the part number for the kit. outer left...
  18. T

    Body kits in UK or elsewhere?

    Hi everyone, Does it anyone know a good place to buy body kits for Mercedes in UK or elsewhere? I don't mind buying used. Cheers
  19. G

    Lowering kits

    Has anybody fitted any type of lowering kit to a cls500,maybe lowering links,do they work or any other suggestions
  20. T

    W220 Body Kits?? Where in UK?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know a good place to buy Mercedes W220 body kits in the UK? I especially need most a front bumper. If you guys can help, it would be nice :) Cheers
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