1. AngryDog

    Kleemann manifolds worth it?

    My car currently has an 84mm pulley and EC tune on it. I am wondering if Kleemann headers are worth the £1500 + to buy and fit, plus new tune, when I could get a 77mm pulley and new tune for around 600bhp? Combined the car would make around what, 630bhp at the flywheel (guestimate)? Cheers.
  2. login_user

    Kleemann Headers

    A huge thanks to the boys at PCS. Dropped my clk350 off on Monday for some shiny Kleemann headers and a remap. I must say, the sound is awesome, nice and raspy. just need to race a clk500 from the line to see how close it is
  3. Alex

    Complete E55 Diff with Kleemann LSD

    Complete 2003 E55 Diff with Kleemann 60% locking LSD. Good working condition. 50k miles on the car, 20k miles on the LSD. Diff p/n A211 350 50 62. £500.
  4. ACID

    SLK 55 Kleemann Headers and Remap

    SLK55 AMG in for Kleemann Headers and a Remap! Tuned with Headers: 336.54 Whp (397.11 Bhp) 353.59 Wtq (417.24 Ft Lbs Torque) For Enquiries: Email: sales@mslperformance.co.uk Landline: 0121 772 4455 Mobile: 07765 444447 bEtERR_kCqM
  5. L

    SLK55 with Kleemann headers on the Nurburgring GP track

    Tried Embed this but it didn't work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-DW-aG0U2Q Mods are : No rear mufflers Kleeman headers ECU remap (dyno'ed at 395hp) No centre resonator Secondary cats in place. P030 Pack Please ignore the sloppy driving, I didn't have much of my tires left at this point...
  6. astamir

    m113 camshafts vs kleemann cams

    Hi guys. Looking forward to make some mods like camshafts upgrade, headers and remapping on my w208 clk55. Checked the kleeman camshafts and it looks like after the upgrade they giving the same power increase as the power difference between older version and the newer version of m113. Where the...
  7. R

    Ned help wheelspacer kleemann

    Hello everybody I bought this wheel set kleemann ts7, but the wheel is huge My mec told me to use wheelspacer(front or back maybe)? Do you know, how big spacers should I use(5mm/10mm/15mm) My tire size is 245/30/20 W211 e270 03
  8. F

    Kleemann supercharger CLK500 insurance increase

    So for a while, I've been thinking of getting a Kleemann blower, but entering it as a mod on comparison sites brings my insurance up to about 5 times what I pay now :/ is this accurate? I know because it's not a mod done by Mercedes themselves, they don't like it one bit, but for what it's...
  9. BenzedUP

    SLK55 Kleemann engine headers

    OK, my kleemann headers will be fitted on the SLK55 in the next couple of weeks. Has anyone had this mod done? If so any feedback please? I'm very much looking forward to having them fitted and taking the car to Santa pod next year to beat my 12.6sec time from last time. I'm hoping it doesn't...
  10. S

    Kleemann headers M113 New

    As i am selling my SL55 i will not be fitting these, they are brand new and come with new bolts and gaskets. £1000 including postage within the uk
  11. M

    One of a kind Mercedes Kleemann W211 E-Class Allroad Wagon

    Interesting lower trim. from the article: Say hello to the Kleemann E50KCC, a tuning project launched in 2005 that you probably never heard of before. It's based on the previous generation of the Mercedes-Benz E500T and not only does it have raised suspension, but it also packs a mighty...
  12. ACID

    Kleemann Headers M113 55K + IPE C63 Exhausts

    We have Kleemann M113 Manifolds in stock now and Full C63 IPE Systems If anyone need any more information please contact me Thanks Acid
  13. BlackC55

    Kleemann headers for a CLK55 NEW

    I have for sale a set of Kleemann headers for sale for a 209 55 They are brand new and boxed ready to go. £1050 plus shipping 02392 570123
  14. The _Don

    Kleemann Mercedes C32 AMG 5DR

  15. ACID

    Kleemann Headers @ MSL Performance

    Hi We Are Looking to Setup a Group Buy on the Kleemann Headers for the 55K / NA If anyone is interested please let us know. Headers £1000 Labour £400 This includes VAT but we need at least 5 people to make this work.
  16. donshl

    18" Kleemann TS5 Wheels Staggered

    Hi All, I have my recently refurbed 2-piece Kleemann wheels for sale. These are in mint condition apart from one mark on one wheel at the tyre fitters :crazy: I had them taken apart and powder coated by http://www.paintituk.com with hyper silver on the barrel and sparkle gunmetal on the...
  17. Mobb

    19" Kleemann TS5's with tyres

    Im only selling as I want a set of 18" R129 AMG alloys for the CLK. They are: 19" 5 x 112 (Mercedes, BMW and some VW) ET35 19 x 8.5 Polished and rolled lips Black centres Silver barrels. Tyres - Rears: Falken 265/30/19 Fronts: Vredstien & Bridgestone 245/35/19 All with legal tread left, but...
  18. BenzedUP

    Kleemann C55AMG

    2004 Mercedes C55 W/ Kleemann Supercharger, Kleemann Headers, and Quaife LSD - MBWorld.org Forums V tempting..:rock:
  19. A

    Kleemann remap: C300 CDI?

    I am considering a Kleemann remap, as I will be driving to Denmark later this week and could have it done at the Kleemann HQ in Copenhagen. Was quoted an increase in bhp and torque of 20 %, at a cost of 800 euro + VAT (25 % in Denmark, ouch!), 1000 euro in total. Now, I appreciate that...
  20. A

    20" Kleemann TS-6 split rim alloys. Lush wheels!

    20" Kleeman wheels I had on my cls. These are the best wheels for a Merc in my opinion. Pics and more info here TWS: View ad
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