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  1. M

    2013 Vito - Digital Speedo in km/h

    Hi all I have just purchased a 2013 Vito Dualiner. First time I have owned a Mercedes so new to this forum. I'd really like to adjust the on screen display - especially the units of km/h to mph. The handbook describes how to do this - but I can't! any suggestions
  2. C

    odometer only show km/h in bottom section

    Hello, Have a s204 c220 and looking at the odometer i can have in the bottom section the date & outside temp. It also shows the speed in km/h; but i am in the uk and would like it to show mph Anyone know how to change this? Would be nice as the top is showing radio channel, though doesn't show...
  3. C

    Change km/h to outside temp

    As some people already know, I've just got an A45. Really happy with the car but the manual describes changing the main display from showing km/h to either miles/h or outside temp. However I can only find changing the main units from miles to km and back. Is this an AMG exclusion or have I...
  4. G

    W204 phone book entries & km/h

    Hi, I've recently traded up to a 12-plate C350Cdi estate with Comand - lovely car, and for all the tweaks and adjustments you can make to various elements of the system and instrument display, there are bits that have me baffled after my first few weeks of ownership. Hopefully, someone on here...
  5. T

    Converting Cluster to KM/H

    At the end of the year I am moving to Australia, and I am taking my C55 with me. I just noticed the other day that the cluster does not have Mph and KMh on the dial, it simply displays the speed in kmh in the little display. Now I am unsure if this will suit the Australian authorities as good...
  6. E

    C350 cdi 231ps : 0-100km/h in 6s!

    It is possible that C350 cdi BE equals the time 0-100km/h of a BMW 335d? YouTube - C350cdi 0-100km/h
  7. N

    300 km/h speedo for a C43 AMG

    Hello. I have bought a used 208 or 210 instrument cluster for my 1999 C43 AMG! This speedo is a 300 km/h speedo. This 300 speedo have the illuminating yellow warning triangle above the ////AMG logo with the exlamation mark in it (!), when you lose traction. The side dials are full round in...
  8. A

    Changing from Km/h on the display

    My multi function display thingy continues to display the current speed in km/h, despite all settings I can find, being set to Mph. The one I'm talking about is on the default screen - just under the temperature, to the right of the clock time. Any idea which setting I need to double check...
  9. B

    KM/H in Cluster W204

    Morning all I'm enjoying my new W204, and I've put in a UMI myself which is working OK. common problem of slightly lower sound level and I need to get the nav option done for the cluster when it has its first service. However, on the bottom half of the speedo on the right hand side my speed is...
  10. hindesbeans

    KM/h or outside temp toggle??

    Does anybody know if there is a way to switch the KM/h in the bottom left hand side of the instrument computer readout to show the outside temperature instead. (C200K elegance) I have read the manual and it seems it is possible in all countries except UK!!!! Why is that???? :confused:
  11. C

    W211 instrument panel status line stuck on speed, and km/h too

    I'm a little confused as to whether this is supposed to happen. Just got my new 'E', and I'm confused by the "status line" on the instrument panel; that's the line above the trip meter. i.e the standard display is: 1. outside temp 2. "status line" 3. trip meter 4...
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