1. C

    clk 230 kmopressor engine

    hello everyone i have a 1999 clk 230 kompressor and have brought a clk 230 kmpressor engine (as a spare engine) and i was thinking of getting some tunning done to it and then swap it for my 230 komp engine in my car does anyone know who would do it for me or if its worth doing.
  2. aka$h

    Clk230 Kmopressor 1999, 54k Miles

    Clk230 Kompressor 1999, 54k Miles My dads selling his CLK230K ELEGANCE COUPE, 1999 Elegance Met. Silver (had diamondbrite 3 years ago at Lancaster MB) Quartz Leather (very good condition) 5 speed Auto Air con electric windows, mirrors Full MB service history Top of the range CD...
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