1. brucemillar

    iCarsoft i910 Knackered?

    Guys To enable me to diagnose a PDC fault on my Wife's BMW. I bought an icarsoft i910. Plugged it in to the car, it powered up and diagnosed the fault (faulty PDC controller). BINGO. Then I notice that the software on the icarsoft is really old. * I follow the instructions on their...
  2. C

    no lights on dash, immobiliser knackered?

    hello, not sure if electric or something else, but these are steps on what happened and outcome and wondering on thoughts really. drove to work - about 25mile of meandering a-road -> NO Issues at all drove to kids swimming to pick them up - as uphill parking put handbrake on & left in 1st gear &...
  3. M

    Help: E55 rear subframe bushes knackered

    Hi All My W211 e55 AMG makes a clunk when I am changing through the gears. It went to the garage and they said the rear subframe bushes are knackered. They didn't have to tool to get access to them or they said the rear subframe would have to be dropped at massive cost What can I do
  4. P

    DRL's Knackered in Less than 10 miles!

    Picked up my brand new C250 Estate AMG today... Both DRL's working perfectly when I left the the time i'd driven home (10 miles) warning light on and one DRL not working....A great start to MB this typical? On a positive I'm very pleased with the car on the whole.
  5. R

    Judder at 1500RPM - Front disks knackered.....

    Hi all When we bought the car the other day the first trip up the motorway revealed slight judder when accelerate and the revs reaching and surpassing 1500rpm approx. I took it to ATS on my way home and they did a wheel alignment check, said that they were very slightly out and switched...
  6. developer

    It's a knackered old cable drum you feckin eejit

    £175 recycled coffee table my ar$e: Reclaimed & Recycled Wooden Coffee Table Industrial Loft Cable Drum Reel | eBay
  7. P

    W124 engine harness (old and knackered is fine)

    Hi, I need to sort the harness on my 1994 E280 W124. Would anyone have a knackered old one lying around that I could use? I want to take a duff one and use it as a template/connector donor to make a new one. The part number is 124 440 5332, but anything close would be better than nothing. Any...
  8. J

    cdi injector ( can be knackered)

    Hi My E220 cdi (2000) has a knackered injector!:doh: It is actually only a small part of the injector that is buggered, the nut part that holds the nozzle end together. Car started running funny and smoking (from under bonnet) this afternoon, found blowing straight out around the injector...
  9. designo500

    R230 Auxiliary Battery, is it knackered?

    Hi all, Strange behaviour of my smart charger makes me think somethings wrong!. Sorry for the long blah blah, but, I have experienced low power battery problems on previous cars, caused by not using the car over the winter. I got a CTEK XS 4003 smart charger which sorted it, and was big enough...
  10. sspeed

    Knackered Alloys

    Oh dear it looks like the paint on two of my wheels has given up its grip.. It has been suggested that they have been resprayed at some point in the past.. What do you think? I am in the process of acquiring some 16" Adharaz wheels.. I have always preferred the 5 spoke design for looks and...
  11. H

    Knackered SAM module

    My W210 was in the repair shop and the fuse/sam enclosure was disturbed now there is a multitude of faults concerning the control stalk i.e. intermittent wipers intermittant reversed right to left indicators headlight flash seems to turn of the whole stalk. I suspect the sam module wiring has...
  12. G

    Help, lost a belt and pulley looks knackered!!

    On motorway last night and battery charge warning came on the dash, noticed as changing lanes that the steering had gotten heavier and then after another 20 minutes of "I can make it home before it dies" about every warning light came on and I lost power. Taken home on a low loaded as the belt...
  13. Peter DLM

    What is this bit ? It's knackered.

    I'm guessing waterpump, judging by all the coolant everywhere. It's the bit with the back cross on it.
  14. C

    old knackered steering pump (PULLEY) wanted please

    Hi all, I need a stock pulley to replace my broken one. Trouble is these just don't just appear in Tesco that often. Has anyone replaced their power steering pump RECENTLY and wondered what to do with the old one. I have the solution. PLEASE PM me, I will make some use of it by using the...
  15. P

    Are my alloys knackered?

    I'm the proud owner of my first M-B, C270CDI Estate (Avantgarde, Auto, Leather) and the car is a joy. What's slightly less of a joy, and something I probably should have noticed before agreeing the purchase, is the state of the alloys. They're quite badly bubbled (looks odd - thought at first it...
  16. NW_Merc

    Is this knackered?
  17. mercmanuk

    hard drive knackered help

    can anyone help a member who is sat at a desk crying,yes hdd has given up the ghost,made a loud grinding fan noise then silence. can anyone recommend a good company to use to try and recover the data from a dead hdd,its not lost files but a dead usual im good at giving advise...
  18. Rob77

    My W124's rusty and knackered

    Well, after fixing my leaking diesel pump (a replacement gasket set worked a treat, thanks to Dieselman for that), what do I find now? Only that the box sections, where the rear anti roll bars attach, are rotted away. They looked perfectly fine as there was a nice coating of underseal over...
  19. D

    penta wheel knackered

    Hi All I have a problem (well, one of many :rolleyes: ) managed to smack my back wheel going through some roadworks a while back, and have totally knackered the alloy :mad: the wheels are 5 spoke penta's, (Penta 7J x 15h2 P157 (3)) bit old fashioned looking, and are a copy of some AMG...
  20. T

    Knackered folding mirror

    Hello, My driver's door mirror is the folding type, factory fitted. It closes into the body fine, but is 'sticky' when folding back out, and often never fully opens without me helping it along. I sprayed the sprocket and motor with WD-40 yesterday, but it made no difference. Are there...
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