1. ChrisEdu

    Going under the knife - again!

    Today's the day! Got to be at the Queen Alexandra Hospital, nr Portsmouth, for 7am - so an early start this morning (alarm set for 5am). This time, I'm having a lump that measures approx. 4"x3"x1" removed from my upper thigh. They think it's a lipoma, but will be doing a biopsy to be sure...
  2. Koolvin

    Knife sharpner

    Seems like it has very good reviews: AnySharp Global World's Best Knife Sharpener (Classic): Kitchen & Home This video I found on youtube makes you cringe UY1rqqAieUA
  3. clk208

    Knife wielding driver - to report or not?

    Just been the subject of some road rage. A driver slammed on the anchors in front of me, presumbaly to stop and go to a cash point. There was no use of indicators and the stop was abrupt so on passing I looked over to see what sort of person was driving. Maybe it was the way I looked over. He...
  4. Palfrem

    Knife sharpeners

    With Sunday lunch over, I have decided I need to buy a decent knife sharpener. I have little success with a traditional steel and must have bought loads of cheap gadgets over the years. Can anyone recommend a good quality item that will put a good edge on my knives and last a reasonable...
  5. T

    Sky One - Knife adverts

    all night im seeing celebs saying please put your knives away and what can we do simple really if you get caught with a knife you goto proson for 365 days, get caught again its 5 years job done people only do crimes & break the law if they are not overly botherd by the consiquences...
  6. D

    Watch out, new type of knife

    Britain on alert for deadly new knife with exploding tip that freezes victims' organs:eek:
  7. Howard

    Victorinox release new knife...

    Its the Sith Army Knife...... I gotta get one of these ...... :D
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