1. G

    Customised Knob - Decision Time ;)

    My custom gearshift handle is almost ready - the leather part and the carbon fibre hydrographic parts are done. The only question remaining - which top to go for? Rather surprisingly, the silver AMG top looks very much 'in place', and the black MB star ... not quite? Opinions? BTW...
  2. sssammm


    Ok, I had a great big stonechip on the strip under the front grille on my C63 had to get paint mixed as an odd colour, bought all my chip repairing stuff went to do it this morning.........It was a 1/4" bit of insulating tape stuck on the front, just peeled it off chip gone... Imbecile...
  3. J

    Change of gear knob and change of head rest on e250 coupe 2013 pre facelift

    Hi guys, So i have bought the amg gear knob and am in the process of changing my original mercedes gear knob over to the amg one.. I would also like to change the head rests of the driver and passenger seat at the front from plain black to the amg head rest.. is this possible? I will...
  4. JFisher

    Shifter knob replacement on W203

    Hi everyone, this is my first post and I would like to start with the question. I am looking to replace a shifter knob on my 2005 C320 W203 and was wondering if the knobs are universal and come in standard size. I found a MOMO knob...
  5. 2

    W209 Gear Knob Gaiter Replacement

    W209 Gear Knob Gaiter Replacement Hi. The leather in my manual transmission 2003 CLK240 (W209) is getting a little worn and I would like to replace it (please see attached photo). I have found the leather for sale on ebay (please see attached photos) but I don't know how to remove the current...
  6. D

    w203 6 SPEED manual gear knob wanted

    guys if anyone has one of these do let me know cheers
  7. poormansporsche

    My neighbour is a knob .....

    It might just be me .... My neighbour buys a new car (semi prestige, 1 series, A class etc) every year on the first of March, then when the first of September comes round he puts his private plate on for the remaining 6 months. Just to have the latest reg or hide the fact when its not quite...
  8. E

    New style Mercedes gear knob shifter

    New SLS style Mercedes gear knob shifter Hello everyone I am looking for the new style Mercedes auto gear knob. Please pm me if you have one for sale. Thanks
  9. A

    Gear Knob in Blue color - W211 E270 CDI

    Hi, I am looking to buy a gear/shift knob for E270 cdi in blue color? Let me know if you have one. Thanks A
  10. ClaytonDJ

    Gear Knob Help

    Hi all, (new here) I have a Vito 2004 (W639) and I am looking for a replacement Gear Knob, I didn't realise how difficult this would be as most places only sell the type where you can't use it for "Lift and reverse" which is what I need... :doh: Ideally I would like something a bit different...
  11. V

    Carbon gear knob

    Offers around £300 Hardly used for keyless go models. This was taken off a R230. Cheers
  12. L

    W124 S/E transmission switch slider

    Hello, My Standard/Economy switch wasn't doing anything in my W124 E320, so I pulled apart the centre console to get at it. Unfortunately, while doing so, I didn't really pay attention to how the slider/knob attached to the switch :fail. After fixing the switch (with liberal applications of...
  13. MB-SL500

    Seat Recline Knob - R107 SL 500

    I'm looking for a plastic Seat Recline knob (unsure of the technical term) for my 500 SL, R107. Car is RHD and it's for the passenger seat (although I doubt that will make any difference). Looked on eBay and no joy. Any ideas?
  14. Tan

    Wood Leather gear knob

    Hi I want to upgrade the gear knob in my W140 s-class from the standard leather to a Wood/leather one. My car is a 1998 and I have bought one from a 1993 car off of eBay, but now have found out that it may be different. Basically, can the '93 gear knob be used on a '98 car? If so how do...
  15. V

    Gear knob removal

    I've bought a carbon gear knob for my SL but I've no idea how to fit. Anyone replaced one? Cheers
  16. gadget1960

    new knob!

    Does anyone have a rotary selector knob for the (ventilation direction) on a w210 (51 plate) e240? ie the one on the right hand side that goes to 'screen/feet/face/etc:' (NOT the left fan knob). Was driving at night a few days ago and noticed a thin glimmer of light coming from the centre of...
  17. 1

    w124 w201 SPORTLINE auto gear knob

    Hi guys For sale new, remanufactured SPORTLINE auto gear knobs Price £75 + post Shipping via Hermes Payment via Paypal Any questions please ask on PM Cheers Raf
  18. MancMike

    My knob is broken

    Hi, All. My spinning knob thing in the centre console has stopped working properly. It works as N.E.S.W directional and push down button, but rotating it no longer scrolls radio stations, etc. It doesn't do anything when rotating. It's not something I'd expected to break to be honest...
  19. Grovsie31

    Carbon Fibre Gear Knob with AMG emblem pics installed.

    Hey guys, just fitted my new gear knob to my W203 C55, assume this would fit all other auto W203's as well. Install was pretty easy. Lift up the surround, undue the clip at the bottom of the shaft 1/4 of a turn and the knob lifts straight off. New one on, and then just remove the gaitor and fit...
  20. H

    Masterpiece gearlever knob 124

    Can somebody please help me with the part number for a 124 MASTERPIECE gearlever knob?
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