1. R

    Post-battery change 'knock'

    The car: a 2003 CLK240. I recently had a new battery fitted. Reset the the windows, no need of a new code for the radio - all good. But....after the engine starts, there is a 'knocking' sound coming from somewhere behind centre console. I can only like the knock to one hitting an empty tin...
  2. R

    Wanted Urgently: Knock Sensors part number: A0021537428

    Hello All, This is a pretty long shot but I need a: Knock Sensors part number: A0021537428 Does anyone, by chance, have this? My thanks in advance. RayH
  3. C

    CLS 320 (C219) metallic front end sound

    Hello, Can you help me with the following matter. Recently a metallic knock sound started every now and than on my 55 Reg cls 320. It sound like a mechanical sound, metallic knock. Could be the mechanics but tested them and no issues there.(front end mechanics changes 8 months ago)...
  4. R

    Steering knock C220cdi 2014 estate

    I have a knocking noise when I turn the steering from lock to. Lock or if after a tight turn it's straightening up. Any ideas, please, car had 32000 MLS Martin
  5. golf2

    W211 Steering Column Knock

    Hi guys, My 2003 W211 has developed a knocking sound from the steering column area. It did have an MOT advisory which said slight end float on steering column shaft. Does anyone know what this is referring to? The noise occurs when I push/pull the steering wheel, it's like there's a bit of...
  6. 1

    Soft top "knock"

    My eclass 2014 cabriolet roof opens and shuts but on shutting its makes a quite loud knock near the end of the shutting process. Any ideas as to what this noise could be, anyone found and fixed this problem? Thanks, Pete
  7. M

    Slight knock on idle

    Stopped my c-63 today at set of traffic lights, pressed hold and after a couple of seconds, I heard what Can only be described as a knocking noise, drove on from ights car drove faultless stopped again, did the same, stick it in neutral or park no
  8. M

    Smoke and diesel knock after warm up

    Help. While cold perfect (about 5mins). Then smoke with loads of soot in it. After further few minutes a diesel knock and missing lumpy drive. Not sure if it's fuel related or head gasket/ cracked block etc. It's started while driving along. Fine, been driving for an hour or so then loads of...
  9. T

    1995 sl320 R129 New Owner- Front Suspension Knock...

    Morning all, trust life is treating you kindly. Since owning my SL (2months) have been fiddling with latest changes (pics to follow) New fuses to replace old slightly tarnished one's Installation of Ctek battery maintenance check unit in boot which shows battery charge status and allows...
  10. S

    Just had a knock on the door from Police... Word of warning..

    Apparently having a row with someone on the road is now an offence. I was reported for a disagreement I had with someone a few weeks back. They havnt done anything but if the reporting person wanted action taken you can go to court now. Just saying :thumb:
  11. X

    2012 C63 Idle knock

    My new to me 2012 c63 vibrates at idle (nothing ridiculously unusual) but every few seconds or so it also will have a bigger shake that you can really feel, i'd like to say a knock, but it's not really audible, you can only feel it. Mainly felt through brake pedal and drivers floor and if you...
  12. C

    Engine knock

    Hi there when coming down the motorway the other day I pulled into services and realised I had a injector chuffing quite bad got it home and into garage for them to fix since collecting it now as a knocking sound a bit like a hydronic tappet sound any ideas thanks
  13. Reamer

    2008 E280 Sport annoying rattle / knock

    Hi all Firstly thank you to all that have contributed to this forum. It has enabled me to carry out a lot of work myself saving me hundreds of pounds in labour. The history I bought the car last February. Full dealer history one owner with 72,000 miles. It had a very lower dull rattle...
  14. F

    slight knock?

    Hi i have a 2003 W211 320 cdi 90k Im getting a slight knock when i hit the brake sharpish i had similar before on a c class and the lower arn large bush at rear was gone, only have the E class for a few weeks so any thoughts, it is not a loud knock but there all sugestions what to check...
  15. D

    steering knock when turning the wheel e350cdi

    hi everyone e350cdi coupe when I turn my steering wheel from staionary lock to lock it makes a knocking type grinding it also does it when I reverse the car as well. I've taken it to 2 different mb specialists and they have both said it's solid underneath and all mbs make that noise when...
  16. P

    S210 rear knock (shock/sphere)

    2002 s210 320cdi. Started getting a real bad knock especially at lower speeds at n/s/r. Had a quick look at lunch and the shock unit dosent seem to have much pressure ie hand in and give it abit of a wiggle. Other side was tight. Could this be low oil pressure due to u/s sphere? No obvious...
  17. P

    W202 C250TD Intermittent engine knock at idle

    An intermittent engine knock at idle. What could this be? Thanks
  18. E

    E350 Coupe suspension knock

    Afternoon all, I have a 2010 E350 Coupe (231) which has developed a knock on the front suspension. It seems to be coming from the top of the strut on the drivers side and is most noticeable over slow speed and specifically speed humps, it sounds like movement in the mount at the top of the...
  19. S

    W204 - Suspension knock

    Hi all, I have just replaced the two front shocks on my W204 C320 - one was completely knackered and the other wasn't far behind.. Now there is a knocking sound from front right - not noticeable when going over speed bumps, but noticeable if on a bumpy road.. Had car back at mechanic...
  20. A

    a Knock and a Wander - suggestions!?

    Hi all, My new (to me) CLK 320 Sport seems to have a knock from the front end and gets a little wandering at higher speeds. At lower speeds it seems quiet and stable. Its has some very large 19 inch wheels on which came on her - whilst I want to get rid of them and get some standard ones...
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