knocking or ticking

  1. Y

    knocking/ticking noise from n/s front

    Hi everyone. This is my first attempt to post as a new member. I have a 2001 220cdi auto saloon with 66000 mls. A ticking/knocking noise has started which sounds to be coming from n/s front suspension area. The noise comes in at about 15 to 30 mph and continues at higher speeds but not as...
  2. stwat

    Intermitant knocking/ticking coming from back end!!!!

    Oh dear...Today i noticed an intermitant knocking noise coming from the back end of my auto 190e. It stops when i lift of the gas and when i put it in reverse and then into drive again the noise stoped!!!!! The noise reminded me of a few cars ive had that needed new cv joints. Could this be the...
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