1. FateSynchro

    W212 - Knocking suspension help?

    My E63 S has 33k on the clock, i've stuck 11k miles on her in about 4 months now her main duties are simmering down i have time to sort any niggles out. My main one is tyres and brakes which have been addressed, the next issues i have is an annoying knocking sound over rough surfaces. Its...
  2. J

    W204 C180 Knocking noise?

    I have a knocking noise that I only notice when moving off from stationery, either forward or reverse, most pronounced when on an incline. The car is a manual. Done about 65k, full MB history. Any thoughts from anyone? I am not mechanically minded, but I was wondering about engine mounts...
  3. tommerc49

    W245 B200 Clunking/ knocking at the rear - suggestions?

    For the last couple of months I've had a 'clunking' kind of noise coming from the rear passenger side of the car whenever I go over a bump in the road. It started happening when going over larger bumps, but now even driving down my (slightly-bumpy) street is causing the noise. It sounds like...
  4. J

    Harsh ride quality w211 knocking...

    Evening Ladies and Gentleman, I've got a 2006 Pre facelift E320cdi v6 7g I bought in March and it's been a PITA rotten brake pipes, broken rear springs, faulty turbo actuator, swirl flap issues etc etc. It's running sweet now [emoji108] However I have a knocking on rough and uneven surfaces...
  5. G

    2016 GLC Knocking noise

    Hi all, This thread is not related to the steering issues on the GLC which are well documented. My 2016 GLC 220 (5000 miles) has developed what sounds to be a knock or vibration noise possibly from the exhaust system (Almost like an injector knock). It primarily is heard between 1500 and 1800...
  6. reflexboy

    W212 Knocking from rear-Shocks?

    My W212 has a knock when I go over bumps form the rear offside. Don't laugh, but I laid in the boot whilst a mate drove around and having pulled back the boot lining on that side, I'm convinced by putting my fingers on the side/top mounting bolts of the shock, it is the shock that is knocking...
  7. S

    knocking noise

    I have just purchased my first Mercedes c250 sport from a local dealer, I have had it a couple of days and can hear a bad knock on the front end , I have had to both my local garages and none of them can find anything yet both of them can here the knock any ideas ??
  8. V

    2005 CLS500 knocking noise from suspension

    bit of an odd one. i have a 57k 2005 cls 500. when driving around multi-storey carparks i hear a noise that sounds a bit like two stones being hit together. it seems to come from the front left of the car. no error messages on the suspension and the car drives perfectly. any clues?
  9. M

    Knocking Front Suspension - W211 E280cdi 2007

    I bought my car a few weeks ago e280 cdi 2007 sport 124k, i did not notice any knocks at the time so its a bit of sods law this has happened now. Just after buying the car 3 weeks ago i noticed a very slight knock when going over small bumps, it was similar to an anti roll bar link noise. It...
  10. notsofast

    W219 (W211) steering knocking help

    Guys - Can someone with a CLS or E-Class check for this knocking. With the engine running the knock is masked completely by the power assistance. It cannot be felt through the steering wheel but can be felt through the floor pan. I have checked the track rod ends, steering rack mountings and...
  11. P

    C43 amg knocking sound on full and partial lock when driving slowly from cold

    Can anyone advise ?, I get a knocking noise as if the tyre is jumping when turning the car usually more so when the car is cold on full or partial lock. Also in this cold weather the car has taken far longer than normal to change thro the gears and seems to be stuck in gear . I noticed that when...
  12. T

    Knocking on steering on new GLC

    Just enquiring if anyone has a knocking or a slight jump on the steering on their GLC when it is on full lock and then maneuver? My father had just bought his about three weeks ago and it has been in the garage for two weeks sorting this out and they have taken the suspension apart and...
  13. T

    Knocking on steering on new GLC

    Just enquiring if anyone has a knocking or a slight jump on the steering on their GLC when it is on full lock and then maneuver? My father had just bought his about three weeks ago and it has been in the garage for two weeks sorting this out and they have taken the suspension apart and...
  14. K

    vito w639 engine knocking

    hi all ive just got a vito 53 plate w639 and it has a engine knock the van seems to drive ok apart from the loud knocking noise which i suspect is the piston / shell bearings. has anyone else come across this issue or knows a way to confirm this as the problem. thanks
  15. Belz

    E320 Cdi W211 Engine knocking tapping noise

    Hello everyone. I'm new to MBCLUB. If this has been discussed elsewhere do apologise. My 2005 e320cdi started making this knocking noise whole stationary. It's freaking me out. I didn't notice this before as iv owe'd the car for about 2 months now. Can anyone please help me what this could...
  16. B

    Accidentally knocking the W205 out of drive

    So with the drive, neutral, reverse and park all on an arm to the side of the steering wheel, just where my old wiper controls used to be on my old car, is it possible to accidentally knock the car out of drive and do some serous damage? If it is possible to deselect drive while the car is...
  17. W

    Knocking and vibration from the front!

    Today while driving the car doing 70mph and alittle over there's a slight knocking and the steering wheel vibration. Seems to be worse the quicker I go. When I got home I jack the car up and there's abit if play when I hold the wheel 12, 6 o clock. When removed the wheel I notice the the bolt...
  18. 00ormes

    Knocking noise from brakes

    Hi all, Ive recently discovered a knocking noise coming from my 2010 w212 e250 from the front end of my car.:wallbash: After reading quite a few threads i found there wasn't much out there matching my fault and its symptoms. The knocking stopped when applying the brakes and seemed** to go...
  19. dickycase

    c270 cdi w203 rear knocking noise???

    Hi ALL I’ve had a slight knocking noise coming from the rear of the car for some time and never been able to find it!! when driven over a speed bump you get a secondary knock, hard to describe. It sound similar to when my wife’s car had failing drop links? So to illuminate this ive changed...
  20. W

    C63 Knocking Sound

    Hi, Just recently picked up my C63, its on an 08 plate, 50k miles and im in love! Iv noticed a slight knocking sound when coming to a halt. Can anyone shed some light on this if possible? Thanks
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