1. Pacamack

    Opportunity knocks?

    Currently in a W204 CDI AMG Sport Plus Coupe, 3 years into a 4 year PCP and over the 50% threshold for VT on the PCP. Monthly payments are about £420 I have the option to take a 48 month lease on a CLS 220 AMG Line Shooting Brake for £1k deposit and £440 month (including road tax) It's a lot...
  2. K

    OM603 valve seals done and it knocks

    as stated done the job today, replaced cooper o-rings and washers, torqued up 30Nm, loosened, 30- loosened and final 35Nm. didn't disturb anything else down there as was really carefull. cranked it for some time without fuellines to clear debris. and now it is knocking quite badly?? why?? do i...
  3. markjay

    Car thief knocks himself out

    Video: Watch: Car thief knocks himself out with brick while trying to break window - Telegraph
  4. L

    Knocks from front suspension CLS C219

    Hi all, Just bought my dream CLS 57 reg few months ago and discovered little knocks from front suspension. Wanted to do it right so went to merc specialists(Mercare Plymouth). Spent 550 on rear arms, bushes and ball joints and its still there. They've said everything look ok(mostly changed from...
  5. M

    c124 auto transmission knocks

    Hi all, happy new year and all that. Hope your managing to keep your cars from drowning........ C124 knocks when changing up gears from cold. Sometimes really smooth and nothing seems wrong. Had the same thing on my sec 500 but only when kicking down hard. This is under sedate operation. Same...
  6. C

    W230 350sl knocks over bumps

    Hi All My sl has a knock from the front end when going over bumps I have adjusted the wheel bearings as there was slight play in them and that made no difference I did not expect it to really It passed its mot today with no advisories I rather hoped something would show but no everything...
  7. mercmush

    560 SEL 115k a few scrapes & knocks

    Mercedes 560 SEL 1991 115k Fully Loaded | eBay What do you think this is worth ?
  8. D

    C180K Knocks at startup some times

    Hi As a new member to MB club forums I will be greatfull for any help. The problem I have is my c180K sport coup'e has a knock at startup this will only happen 1 or 2 times a week and the car has only done 23.000 miles,it has done this for some time and my MB Dealer says no prob's should be ok...
  9. blackscooby

    C32 front suspension knocks under braking

    Yet another C32 issue ! Under braking on rough surfaces (say on a catseye, braking zone markings etc) the front suspension appears to "knock". It's only evident on rough surfaces, and under braking. Rough with no braking it's fine. The design of the top mounts looks as though it has some...
  10. P

    320cdi Diesel knocks on cold start

    :confused: Hi Guy's, Is there any "Diesel Engine Experts" out there? We had a 300 Turbo Diesel which had its heater plugs operated via the key which started okay no knocks or smoke, We changed it for a 320 cdi which has done 72000 miles now witch is not a lot for a diessel engine, The last few...
  11. SilverSaloon

    passenger seat height knocks down to low eventually

    hi the manual passenger seat on my clk seems to have a problem. if you put it to its highest setting and then sit down on it quickly (with a fair force but certainly acceptable) it eventually drops down a few notches and u have to pump it higher again. sitting in the drivers seat in the...
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