1. M

    W164 steering knuckle

    Hi I'm putting back together a ml280cdi 2009 and the steering knuckle/hub is snapped, i have the epc and the part number is A1643302120 now i though that any w164 hub fits but after a little research the part number is different by 1 number (A 164 330 23 20) the wheel bearing on a ml280 is...
  2. optimusprime

    part number ,caliper to steering knuckle, bolt

    Can anyone solve this one.Sent for 4 bolts to replace the ones removed as i changed my discs.The ones i have had are threaded up to the bolt head.The ones i removed had a shoulders on it ,not threaded to the head. Will anyone have part numbers for them please...
  3. grasmere

    Steering knuckle bolt removal - any strong' ideas ?

    I prepared to change my front lhs wheel bearing today and all was going great - until I tried to undo the two 17mm bolts holding the brake caliper to the steering knuckle thingy! This needs to come off to remove the disc. Tight? oh yes. They are supposed to be tightened to 85 lb ft so its not...
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