1. AMGeed

    VW Golf 0-320kph

    OK, its not MB, but this is highly impressive. An RS6 V10 twin turbo in a Golf:eek: /watch?v=6aeBrUlaqLg For those who can't see embedded videos
  2. A

    changing W204 KPH to MPH

    hey guys, my first post here.I joined because i just brought a c180k 2008 model with 30 000 miles on it for 6000 pounds loving it however have no idea how to change the mph to kph. ive been looking online and i see its quite easy to do on the 12 button model however mine is the 4 button...
  3. BTB 500

    80 kph speed limit in Germany due to melting roads

    We drove back from the South of Germany yesterday ... today the temperature has hit 40C, and they have a blanket 80 kph (50 mph) speed restriction in force due to the effect on the road surfaces. A narrow escape!
  4. D

    W211 mph kph instrument swap

    I'm investigating how to change over my speedometer instrument face from mph to kph, in anticipation of taking my W211 E55 estate back with me to Australia in the coming months. I know I can change to metric units in the settings of the dash, but the dial face is only mph currently and it has...
  5. CLA180SPORT

    Does anyone know how to change the kph?

    Hi guys. I've read the manual and gone through all the settings but can't find an option to get rid of the kph icon and replace with outside temp. It shows in the manual that it can be done but I just can't find the settings. Can anyone help?
  6. P

    Kph to mph

    Hi all. I have read that you can change the readout by taking the car to a garage and they use a star tool. Mercland will do it for me. I called a garage closer to were I live and they said if they change it, it will also change the analoge display from MPH to KPH. is this right ? Many thanks
  7. C

    Cruise control showing in kph

    I actually felt well enough post chemo to get out in the SL today ! I was generally fiddling as most controls are similar to my CLK but I thought I would try out the cruise control. In doing so I somehow managed to get the selected speed in the speedo to change from showing mph to kph. I have...
  8. RTaylor

    W246 Change KPH to outside temp om UK model car - anyone managed a recode ?

    Hi All, I took delivery of a B180 CDI Sport on monday and am very happy with it apart from the pointless KPH display in top right on instrument display, the manual states it cant be changed on UK model but given european models can have outside temp and there is a much larger option for speed...
  9. nigel cross

    2009 ML kph

    Looking through the handbook it would appear that you cant change the computer display in front of the driver to read mph from kph, it this right or am I being stupid?
  10. M

    Instrument cluster in KPH 2002 E220 CDIreplacement needed

    Can anyone help here, where I can get one quickly in KPH? I also would like to know if a newer model would also fit/work? Many thanks.
  11. R

    2012 c class speedo in kph

    Hi folks, Just taken delivery of a new c class. Delighted with the car except for one thing. The little digital speedo at the bottom of the instrument cluster seems to be reading in kph. Tried all the settings but no luck. Anyone know how to change it to read mph?
  12. A

    SLK with GSOH seeks NE stud with STAR

    Yes - sorry, but it is another message about making it possible to switch the "KPH" display under the gear readout to MPH (or outside temp) like everywhere in the world except the UK. I have read everything on here (and elsewhere) about the issue which seems to be a matter of switching off...
  13. Davo

    W203 speed display in kph?

    I just bought a 2006 W203 C320cdi Avantgarde SE. Above the dash display showing what gear I'm in and the time, is the speed, in kph. Using the menus I can toggle the other displays between kph and mph, but not this one. How do I get it to display Mph? The time is set on Comand APS (it...
  14. PeteTheOldGit

    KPH change.

    Looked everywhere in settings but can't seem to find option to change the digital KPH reading to MPH on the centre display under the centre line. Can this be done? W204 2009 C Class.
  15. flowrider

    I want the digital speed to be in mph NOT kph

    Is there a way to force the digital speed readout in the multifunction display to be in mph and not kph in a 2009 ML320. This is one of the options that the manual states is not available for cars with a speedometer in mph which along with some other options being unavailable for the same...
  16. camerontyler

    Changing from kph to mph

    Evening all, I have a C220 CDI 51 plate (W203?) I have been through the manual and the settings and I cannot figure out how to change the digital read of the speed from Kilometres to Miles (kph to mph)(bottom left of the screen). I made sure the option between display figures in kilometres or...
  17. D

    Changing KPH tp MPH

    When my car is showing basic display, the digital speed is expressed in kph, is it possible to change that to mph? I never drive abroad, so the kph is of no use to me.
  18. T

    OBC from KPH to MPH??

    Guys How do I change the OBC from KPH to MPH on my C180 SE coupe?? Would appreciate your replies as I panic driving past speed cameras thinking that I have been going too fast!!!!!!!!! Thanks
  19. M

    How do you change OBC from Kph to mph?

    The overhead OBC in my ML has always read (annoyingly) in kph. However, the other day it was reading in MPH but has now reverted back to KPH???? Does anyone know how to change it to read MPH? Thanks.
  20. L

    Changing the digital speedometer from Kph to Mph in an SLK (171)

    Hi All, Just wondering how I change the digital speedometer in the headup display from Kph to Mph in an SLK 171 . Thanks
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