1. Ted

    In praise of kwik fit

    Pair of Dunlop SP sport 255x35x18s fitted, balanced, & new valves on the CLK at my place of work for £234 Guy took good care of the wheels and all looks to be good. Did just what they said they would.
  2. 24karrat

    Kwik Fit 25% offer

    I've seen kwik fit before every tax year promoting 25% off 4 tyres. I called 4 different KF stores and getting different answers every time. 4 x Pirelli P7 225/50/16 = £124 each, without the valve, tyre disposal ect is £111.30 each, 111.30 x 3 is £333.90, but the cheapest quote i got so far...
  3. npuk

    Kwik Fit and their tricks ....

    On BBC1 now. Will be on iplayer later.
  4. E

    Kwik Fit offer

    I know they've been cained recently, but me personally have had no problems with them, in fact quite the opposite. Been using them for the last 4 years & each time i watch them M.O.T my car & must say they treat the car respectively, any way back to the point...Car passed today & had the A/C...
  5. ricardo62

    kwik fit oil change

    Hi just a ? ive had a oil and filter change done on my e 320 last year, im amazed at the price if i was to hav bought the oil and filter myself im guessing there wouldnt of been change out of 50 pounds ,im thinking about getting it done aqain they charge roughly 30 pnds , just wondered what...
  6. diandave

    Kwik fit are a joke

    I had 2 tyres fitted and tracking checked at my local Kwik fit centre, I asked for the tyres to be fitted to the front as the outside edges had worn below the 1.6 mm, he said it would be about an hour so I left it with them, when I returned the job wasn't quite finished, had to wait 30 mins, the...
  7. S

    Kwik Fit done good

    Big shout out for this outfit that gets a fair slating from time to time. I had to change some bulbs in my car this AM and it was chucking it down with rain and couldn't face standing in the cold and rain trying to wage war with the 204 retaining clip for the dipped beam. Why is changing a...
  8. M1 KRX

    Look what Kwik Fit did to my alloy

    There is nothing like a Kwik fit fitter.....:eek: They can sing and dance but they cant fit tires... Needs to be machine cut to be repaired :dk:
  9. dog68

    Kwik fit mobile.

    Omg! I have Kwik fit here at the moment, everything's gone pear shaped, broken side skirt, his torch gone flat, and he cant get the wheels on!! :devil: I even had to supply copper grease, ffs, his words, " i don't need this, at this time of night" i'm sure he is thinking of leaving, without...
  10. DSM10000

    Air conditioning re gassed today by Kwik Fit

    The last few hot days have shown that the A/C was not working very well as it has been taking up to 15 minutes to get the car to a comfortable temperature Deciding to get a re-gas I went to Kwik Fit in Salisbury for an 11:00 am appointment, things were running a little late but by 11:15 they...
  11. timwood2000

    Tyres - well done Kwik Fit

    Due to replace my Continental Contact Sport 265/45/20 for my R Class, I did the usual web reseach on prices and wasn't finding anything less then about £250 per corner, most of them closer to £300+ Then I remembered I had the receipt for the existing set that I got a cracking deal on about...
  12. R

    Kwik Fit rant...

    ...I was tasked with fixing the exhaust on my wife's Rav4 this morning. The rear silencer had separated from the pipe running the length of the car. When I got the area cleaned up I could see the original flange on the back box had rusted off (and yet this is not a Mercedes). Since both pipes...
  13. steve333

    Kwik fit aircon regass

    As my cls is over 3 years old & hadn't had an aircon re-gass i decided to pop it in to my local kwik fit on friday as they were doing it for £29.The centre manager took my keys & said "be ready in just over an hour sir",90 minutes later he comes into the waiting area & says 2we've sucked all...
  14. M

    Kwik Fit MOT discount

    Just had my MOT done on the W124 and found the following voucher code which gives a 10 gbp discount on the normal online price, taking it to 25 gbp all in for the test. CAPKF9800 Apparently it's valid until the end of Dec 2011. I admit I was suspicious, expecting them to find spurious...
  15. 300CE

    Kwik Fit - Orpington

    Took the old girl to Kwik Fit today to take advantage of their oil change offer (£45.00 for oil & filter change). Was a bit wary as i haven't had the greatest experience of using them in the past, however, i was glad i did as the fella who did the work was a Merc fan who had a 500 SEL...
  16. P

    kwik fit oil change warning

    Just a quick cautionary note.:rolleyes: Just had some tyres change this morning. Thought I'd throw in an oil change as it's due and at 35 quid it's cheaper than buying the stuff myself. After 1.5 hrs wait went out to garage to see what the delay was. There were 3 guys stood round the engine...
  17. U

    Air Con ReGas @ Kwik Fit

    Anyone had a regas @ Kwik -Fit What,s it like ? How much ?
  18. P

    Cheap puncture repair - NOT KWIK FIT!

    Hi Just to let people in the north know that Gordons Tyres gave me a quote for pucture repair of 11.75, verses kwik fit and nationwide of 20 quid. Also, last time I went there they did a 4 wheel alignment for about 30 quid. rgs, p
  19. coupe deville

    kwik fit offers

    aircon recharge £25 aircon cleanse £20 MOT £35 nitrogen [ instead of air] £1 per tyre free battery check free brake check free oil top up [up to 1 litre] , how does that work ?
  20. Koolvin

    Vouchers: Kwik Fit Aircon and Servicing

    I have 4 vouchers to give away free with members who buy MBClub stickers. 2 x 20% aircon recharge (worh £9 saving each) 2 x 20% servicing with MOT pm me for details.
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