1. markmifsud

    KwikFit getting better?

    I had a slow puncture at the weekend so could not wait to visit my regular tyre shop back in London. I decided to give KwikFit in Harlow a try, boy have they changed, and for the better. Whilst waiting for my slot, I was watching them deal with a few other cars with not an airgun in sight...
  2. CLSMark

    In KWIK-FIT at the moment

    Sat in reception, couldn't help but but overhear a lady tell the bloke " I have a warning light for service A " I looked outside, she has a 2008 SLK [emoji15] Slightly overdue then Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. t-dawg1

    KWIKFIT for oil change

    The manager at my local KWIKFIT has kindly offered me an MOT and Oil+Filter change all for £80 quid for the inconvenience caused when they snapped my alloy wheel nut. Question is do they use MB Approved oils for their services and has anyone ever used KWIKFIT for an oil change? My engine is an...
  4. flango

    Top marks for KwikFit

    Well I always say give praise where praise is due and today KwikFit excelled. JSWMBO Punto had a slow puncture from the OSF, now the tyres were purchased from KwikFit in February believe it or not because they were the cheapest and because I bought 4 they threw in tyre insurance free any...
  5. J

    KWIK-FIT ok for disc change??

    The front discs and pads will need changing before my next service. I always use an indy for my servicing, but he is based on the other side of town, whereas there is a Kwik-Fit right beside my work so it would be much handier. They have quoted me £180, does that sound ok? They couldn't mess...
  6. M

    Yet another kwikfit suck thread

    Just what any forum needs, more kwikfit bashing. I normally wouldn't even bother posting this, as I normally assume everyone has a bad day now and again and most things can be overlooked if they're innocent mistakes. To balls up a basic oil change though? I checked online for the price of an...
  7. S

    Kwikfit Aircon recharge £29

    Just booked a kwikfit aircon recharge as at the moment it's only £29 Mine has pressure in the pipes but ain't cold so let's see what they can do Steve
  8. L

    Before I go to KwikFit for a re-gas

    My 2002 CLK 230 Convertible A208 has air con problems. Spoke to Chilly Willy (really helpful but we're out of his area) and he suggested the condenser is very likely to be the cause of the lack of gas. Before I take it to Kwik Fit for a recharge is it worth changing the condenser as everyone...
  9. F

    will kwikfit fit other peoples tyres?

    Got some tyres on order from mytyres, and wondering whether kwikfit will put them on, as they're only up the road! What do you reckon? :-)
  10. ringway

    Kwikfit. Should I

    18, months ago I thought I would be selling my Omega. The original exhaust (had lasted over 8, years) needed replacing. Vauhall Local £575 + Vat 1, Year Guarantee. Local Garage £395 Inc Vat 2, Year Guarantee. Kwikfit Wilmslow £230 Inc Vat 3, Year...
  11. Carrotchomper

    Kwik-fit air-con service

    I'm not due into work until this afternoon, but was out and about so decided to pop into Kwik-Fit to sort out the aircon on the Audi- I haven't been convinced of it's efficiency since buying the car. Took the car in this morning, no appointment, at 0915hrs. They advised me to leave it with...
  12. columb

    £25 for aircon recharge @ Kwik-Fit Fairly cheap and I don't think they can do it wrong ;) plus: If we cannot improve the coolest vent temperature from your car by more than 10% when measured in degrees Celsius - then you pay nothing at all.* * Please note if the ambient...
  13. duncanh

    Autospeed tyres versus Kwikfit

    You may have seen on, another thread, that I had a close escape with a very damaged tyre. I found this out late on Saturday afternoon, and needed new tyres for Monday. This limited my options. My normal sources were not open on a Sunday. I looked on the Kwikfit website, and was shocked...
  14. stats007

    KwikFit MoT & Aircon

    This has been mentioned before but I've just had mine done. I know they don't have the best reputation around but were thoroughly professional. MoT was £45 - aircon recharge and test £25 on top. Recovered 385g of refridgerant and replaced with 850g. No leaks etc and blowing 4.4 deg c on low as...
  15. MSG2004

    MB SERVCING @ MB, Mercsonly or Kwikfit??

    Hi The warranty MB has ran out on my car = c class 180k auto. B Service Mercedes price £444 - as car is 3 years old, price £377 Mercsonly £244 Kwikfit - their major service inc fully syn oil - £150 or £160, can't remember. They also change spark plugs and air filter. Thanks...
  16. stats007

    KwikFit 25% discount on 4 Michelin Tyres

    I see KwikFit are offering this discount again - 15% off of 2 tyres - 25% off of 4. I know they're expensive to start with but this discount makes them the cheapest I've seen and they're doing MoTs (booked online) for £45 and aircon re-gas for the same. I was thinking of Pirelli PZero Rossos...
  17. L

    Kwikfit insurance

    Just got my renewal (for the SAAB) through from my current insurance company so had a look around, £560 renewal Best quote I have found £360!!!! from Kwikfit insurance Got to be worth a look for any that are due for renewal.
  18. W

    Kwik-Fit Exhaust Bargain!

    Sorry - a little off topic I know but I thought I would share it anyway! Was looking at getting a new exhaust sytem for my 1991 3.9 V8 Range Rover Vogue SE Auto. Got what I thought was a fair price for the whole system - downpipes to rear box with all fittings from a friend at cost to him -...
  19. T

    Kwikfit Oil Change Bargain

    Just come back from Kwik-Fit this morning. I saw that they had an offer where they would change your oil and filter (using Mobil 1) for £34! I thought this would be quite a bargain as to buy the 8 litres of oil my C240 uses would set me back over £60 from Halfords alone! I took an OEM filter...
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