1. I

    How much labour to replace front emblem on grill

    Hi all, The Mercedes emblem on the grill of my W216 needs to be replaced as it become fogged up or otherwise very scruffy. I am due a service shortly and my local MB garage has the part in stock. They said by phone that they would charge labour of "up to one hour" although "it wouldn't likely...
  2. KillerHERTZ

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Welcome to the UK Politics thread, please use this thread as the only place on the forum we permit Political/Politics/Brexit discussions By replying to this thread you will agree to the following rules: -Do not make personal attacks on other members - as per the rest of the site...
  3. T

    Diagnosis labour - what is 'reasonable'?

    As I am aware labour charges to trace a vehicle fault have to be 'reasonable' in accordance withe the Supply of Goods and Services Act. I originally paid for a service at an independent garage and only went to the particular garage to have a misfiring fault diagnosed and repaired. No doubt I...
  4. Spinal

    Exhaust Replacement - Labour Only...

    I need to get the back box/muffler changed on one of my cars, and was planning to do it myself... So I geared up with a new unit, a gasket, some fire cement and a breaker bar... Try as hard as I may, I couldn't get the old unit off! So, I called a few garages (chains) near me to do the...
  5. BAZZER1

    Spring labour cost

    May need to replace the left & right Front Springs on my 2002 W210 E320CDI Avantgarde Estate quite soon, how much should the labour charge be to fit the two new Springs, Labour Cost Only and how long does it normally take. Thanks BAZZER1
  6. clk208

    Which dealers/groups offering labour discount on servicing for older cars?

    Hi folks, My CLS coming up for service in a couple of weeks, and the car will be 6 years old. Very aware of the benefits of using an independent specialist but want to continue the dealer servicing for the main annual service for the next couple of years to increase my chances of goodwill...
  7. kam09

    Labour costs?

    Hi guys, wondering what it roughly should cost for changing air filter, fuel/oil filter and brake fluid change by a specialist for a w212 59 plate??
  8. ACID

    Weistec Super Charger / Bi-Turbo Install…………. Labour Free!

    Yes! you read the title right:cool: With the help of Eurocharged and Weistec Engineering here At MSL Performance we are happy to announce that we will be offering a Labour Free install of a M156/M159 Weistec Super Charger Kit or a M157 Bi-turbo Turbocharger upgrade for two lucky Forum...
  9. W

    Bathroom fitting labour rates

    I'd like to update my bathroom, but cost effectively. The job: Replace bath Add shower screen Replace sink with a vanity unit Replace radiator for towel rail Replace vinyl tiles for ceramic tiles No units are moving location so existing plumbing can be reused. The wall tiles are to...
  10. Billy albert

    Front coil spring change on c32 labour time ?

    Anyone know roughly how much labour time to fit 2 springs on front ?
  11. D

    7+ value services and 6+ labour rates

    Whilst value services still seem to be part of the "strategy", I was informed today by MB Stratford that 6+ labour rates (40% discount) had been withdrawn. I immediately suggested that my business would have to move elsewhere. They countered with a fixed price deal which still seems on the...
  12. G

    Standard Labour Times?

    Does anyone know where to find the standard labour times for individual work on MB vehicles? I'd like to know what time MB allocate to carry out an oil and filter change on my car - 09 E350 CDi although I'm sure many would appreciate a full breakdown if available somewhere Thanks for your help
  13. developer

    Aftermarket warranties - watch those labour rates

    This isn't a post about the rights and wrongs of aftermarket warranties...... As part of the deal on my recent purchase I negotiated a 6 month additional warranty from the Sytner dealer, called Warrantywise. The salesman told me it was Sytner's preferred product and they are one of the...
  14. developer

    Labour rates on main dealer issued WarrantyWise warranty

    Long story short and not a thread about the validity of aftermarket warranties. As part of the deal on my recent purchase I negotiated an extra 6 months Warrantywise warranty. Because it was a deal sweetner the cost was borne by the dealer (not a MB dealer I should say, but a Volvo main...
  15. C

    labour hours for mercedes vito

    Hi, I was wondering if there was any information on what the labour time would be to replace the following through a mercedes delership as I feel that I have been ripped off. to replace a water pump and an air filter. I had this work done in france and they maintain it took them 13 hours...
  16. S

    ATF change labour time w208

    Hi, Does anyone know from experience the labour time taken to change the ATF??? I've been quoted 2 hours Thanks
  17. DaveTheDrummer

    W210 Rear Brake Pipes. 10 hours of labour ?!

    re: 2002 W210 E320CDI Avantagrde estate 147k miles. Happy New Year guys. Just had the MOT done at MB with new rear pads and disks plus a caliper to the tune of £555 which has made me distinctly down in the mouth. Excellent service there though can't argue with that, I just didn't want to...
  18. Markedes

    Saddened at Indie Price 3.5 hours labour Thermostat.

    Having now owned our first ever Mercedes for just over 3 months, I have found this site invaluable. During the cold weather the temp gauge has sat at 60 and following the forum, bought a new thermostat from MB £35.60 that I intend fitting tomorrow. I rang the indie garage down the road from me...
  19. crockers

    Main Dealer Labour Rates ....

    Looking at my invoice from MB garage in France (Bourges) - would you like to guess the labour rate charged ... we are always complaining about dealers rates so thought this might be of interest.. All guesses in euros - before VAT at 19.98%
  20. R

    How much do you think all this will cost (parts+labour) - I'm considering some DIY !

    Well there's a fair few things i want fixed on my car. However, I'm keen to avoid big bills. I'm considering DIY, but i don't want to spend a load on parts then have to sacrifice a weekend (which I live for!) to fiddle and be ultimately unsuccessful. So I could take instead just take it to...
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