1. AnilS

    Merc A200 (2016) lacking bass

    My wife has had an A200 for a couple of months and finds its stereo sound quality (Audio 20) a little lacking in oomph and bass reproduction. She's coming from an Audi TT that had a surround sound Bose system. It's still under warranty, so not sure if we can add/fit/upgrade the speaker system...
  2. C

    C200k lacking power and trying to stall on pull away

    Hello all, Looking for a little help. On my C200k 2.0 CL203 or W203 2002 the engine management light appeared a few weeks ago, so I bought an OBDII scanner and cleared the code which was P0101 I have just replaced the MAF but during this period of time a new fault developed recently...
  3. P

    w124 200e lacking alot of power

    Hi I have a Mercedes w124 200e manual 1992 that has lost a lot of power to begin with the engine lost power and would not rev right below 2000 RPM but as the engine got hotter it would raise the RPM that it would become fine again. Now it has lost power right across the Rev range and suggestions...
  4. L

    Power lacking 2008 C320

    2008 Mercedes c320 w204 engine with ECU remap from Super-chips approx 2 months ago. I was wondering if anyone could maybe answer some questions i may have regarding my car. Recently on a long journey i lost power when i went to put my foot all the way to the floor; there was no engine...
  5. R

    w210 lacking power and smoking

    Hi folks. Ive an X reg e320 cdi. Its lacking power a bit and if I put my foot down it smokes a bit. More so at higher speeds. Its done 203k and I think it needs a gearbox oil change. Any ideas on the smoking?? Thanks for any help
  6. B

    lacking power

    hi guys im new here so pleases bear with me I need some advice I have a 2009 E350cdi auto done 80.000miles was in merecedes 300 miles ago in july for intermittent power loss and eml on charged me just over £1000 for new servo motor plus fitting gaskets etc as you can tell we don't use it much...
  7. I

    W203 C320 Performance Lacking

    So I have recently acquired a 2000 reg C320. Has 114K miles, and a full dealer service history. I've found the performance a bit odd... I don't know if it's a characteristic of how the autoboxes and throttle responses work on them or if it's an actual fault - I've come from an E39 BMW...
  8. D

    Lacking acceleration

    Hi to all MB Club members. I have owned my first MB for just coming up to a year and absolutely love it. Had it serviced & MOT two weeks ago - no problems :thumb: m drive it in the middle of the week , no problems, but last weekend the car started playing up. The car turns over & idles...
  9. cityoflight

    C220 W124 Lacking in power

    Hello everybody, I wondered if I might enlist peoples help for a minute, I know these questions have been asked before, I have trawled the internet for days now looking for ideas and I'm a little bit fragile. I have a 1996 E220 Coupe w124 with an M111 engine. It is simply too slow, and...
  10. R

    C270 Lacking Power

    Hi there, My C270 Cdi auto (w203) has suddenly developed a lack of power. I'm hoping someone here maybe able to point me in the right direction as i'm out of ideas : When accelerating there seems to be no turbo boost at all. No DTC's in system and never a mil light on so does not appear...
  11. B

    CLK Lacking Power

    Hello I've got a 1999 T reg CLK200 Sport (manual) which I've owned for about 18 months. Over the last few weeks I have been lossing power very suddenly, especially when the engine comes under pressure on a hill or overtaking. If I play around with the throttle slightly the power will usually...
  12. C

    C43 lacking power

    I am pretty sure my C43 is down on power and generally not performing as it should – it doesn’t accelerate as well as I think it should, seems to get confused on kickdown and also hesitates between 3000 & 4000 rpm when accelerating. When I had it serviced recently (60000 mile) it was showing a...
  13. KLP 92

    My C250TD is lacking power!

    I have a small prob with my C250. I have a loss of power, only a slight loss, its like driving the car without the superchip that i had fitted. The car has been excellent since the superchip was fitted a few months ago, a real pleasure to drive! Since this morning, its felt sluggish. I...
  14. H

    lacking power

    Concerns a 1997 C180 Classic 5sp auto I have. Was carrying four 60 to 80kg adults(myself included) yesterday and felt the lack of power going uphill roads in town with slow traffic and tram tracks. Gears changed properly and even got down to 2 or even 1 without kickdown. Is that right or was it...
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