1. S

    HELP: 2014 E63S Brake Caliper Lacquer Peel

    Gents, I have a 6 week old (to me) E63S Wagon which I have been enjoying. A week or two ago I spotted some lacquer peel on the nearside front performance calipers (red ones), thought "oh bugger, I'll get that relacquered ASAP". Just been out to check on it and the other to find that...
  2. J

    Lacquer peeling on four year old Jupiter red A class

    Hi there I have a four year old A class which I bought two years ago from a MB dealership as an approved used. I also paid for the paintwork to be treated. In December 2016 I noticed that the bumper lacquer was peeling. I took it to the body shop at the dealership and they took photos to...
  3. markjay

    Damage to wood trim lacquer

    See attached photo... it looks like condensation or haze but it is in fact scratches to the top coat. Someone must have tried cleaning it using the wrong materials. What's the best way of sorting it, short of buying a second-hand ash tray cover from eBay (which would be my next move if I fail...
  4. T5R+

    Clean Up & Lacquer Only

    Have two spare wheels (rims) and would like to "prettify them" before putting them back on the car. They are not bent/buckled or structurally damaged but aesthetically ..........please see attched. Unsure if they can be cleaned and relacqured without diamond cutting OR they need to be recut...
  5. kam05

    Lacquer peel on W204 C Class - not red!

    Hi all I need some advice please. I have noticed some lacquer peel on the front drivers side wing and bumper. The car is a W204 C220CDi Sport on a 57 plate. I know of lacquer/paint issues on the red W204's. My car was recently in the local MB dealer for an MOT and it looks like they have been...
  6. W

    blending lacquer from aerosol

    I've been tidying my rusty wheel arches on the old s210 recently. I'm reasonably happy with my work so far. I've rubbed down, filled and sprayed from an aerosol. Now ready for lacquer. On a small test area I couldn't get a good blend into the rest of the wing. In the region of the blending...
  7. R

    Lacquer coating coming off front 2008 E Class

    Bit of advice really . Seems like the coating/lacquer is coming off in patches around he front of my e class & starting to look bit of a mess , no rust just looks like it's peeling Any one any remedies :mad::confused::crazy:
  8. brucemillar

    How to stop Lacquer Clouding

    Folks As above: I am spraying lacquer over paint. Both are top quality products (Glasurit). It is a small area (fag packet) The lacquer is clouding / going milky. Am I putting to many coats on? Is it to wet/damp? I am just wafting it over and not laying it on thick.
  9. MancMike

    Pitting and peeling lacquer on my red one

    Hi, As has been discussed before, red ones often have lacquer issues. Most report pitting and micro bubbles in the lacquer, but mine has this and also peeling lacquer where it's coming away from the paint, all over the car. I can't even sponge and water bucket wash the car anymore without...
  10. E

    Touch Up paint with lacquer 143 Fern white

    Can anyone recommend a place to get the above please. Would prefer one that includes lacquer but the ones I've come across don't list my colour and you cannot contact the seller. Thanks
  11. Dee James

    chipped lacquer repair options?

    I have a couple of chips in the lacquer on my ML, about the size of a coin i thought i might have a go at at least improving with some lacquer i have. Anyone had a go at this sort of thing? i`m not expecting miracles but it would be nice to improve the appearance a bit
  12. MancMike

    Lacquer flaked off, how to treat?

    Hi, I've got a patch where the lacquer has come off on the boot lid and it just keeps getting bigger with each car wash. I've done bits of spraying in the past, bumpers, etc, but this is right on top of the boot lid and I don't want to attempt to respray the whole thing, and am...
  13. A

    Lacquer coming off W164, what to do?

    Hello, I've owned a (2008) W164 ML for the last 1.5 years. Over the past 6 months the paint has developed milky patches. My local garage (not a dealer) says it the paint delaminating and the lacquer is comign away from the paint underneath. This was an expensive car for me and one that I've...
  14. M

    Ultimate 50/50 and crystal lacquer coating demo.

    Hi Guys, Just thought I would share with you the ultimate 50/50 I demo'ed at the mbclub open day we had late last year at the studio. Well worth the look at what can be fixed: Gemclean Detailing-Ultimate 50/50 - YouTube The corrected side was the crystal lacquered & hydrophobic coating...
  15. M

    Gemclean Detailing-C1, EXOv2 & I1 Crystal lacquer & Hydrophobic coating in action!

    Hi Guys, As the title says! This was mbclub member 'Aeroman' 2013 Bentley GTC 4,000 miles after it was in for the full works. This shows how the coatings work a 6 months into being applied on a dirty car. This was just before christmas, so enjoy, Gemclean Detailing-Gtechniq C1 EXOv2 & I1...
  16. M

    Gemclean Detailing-Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet-Full Correction & Crystal Lacquer.

    Hi Guys, Not an MB, so wont do a write up here (unless theres enough volume of members interested) but a final shot and a 'walk around' HD video of the car on completion. Was in for the following this week gone: -Full correction detail. -Complete wheels off detail. -Interior Detail...
  17. M

    Mercedes SLK350-Crystal lacquer Protection

    Hi Guys Had this in for the last 2 days. Is a customer who had his another mb in for the same service. Loved it so much he booked this mb in. This was a crystal lacquer protection for paint, glass and wheels inc wheels off. Two of the wheels needing refurbing so we completed that too and the...
  18. STUR32

    Lacquer coming off red brakes

    As above, the car is two years old and has done 8500 miles and the lacquer is coming off the rear brake calipers leaving them a nice pink colour. The car has never seen a track. Do you think this should be sorted under warranty?
  19. M

    Alloy wheel lacquer vs regular clear coat

    I've just bought a cheap set of w124 8 hole alloys from fleabay to experiment on (Too much time on my hands at the mo), and already have most of what I need to refurb them. The one thing I do need to buy is a clear lacquer as they'll be painted. Looking around online there are various products...
  20. S

    Lacquer Rattle or 2k

    Hi I am planning to tackle the Tin Worm on my E220. I have primer and rust killer. I even have some 744 silver. I would like to know what type of lacquer to put on top. Would rattle cans do a good job or would I best get some 2k lacquer? Many thanks Steve
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