Longines 18kt La Grande Classique Presence ladies watch

    Longines La Grande Classique Presence.* L7.490.6.12.0 * The watch case and bezel are 18kt yellow gold (not plated). its fitted with a black crocodile tang and buckle strap. it has a date window at 3.oclock. it has a quartz movement The watch is unmarked and shows very little sign of...
  2. Jim G

    Dig Deep Ladies + Gents

    Please :thumb: Mercedes E63 AMG Weistec Supercharged 814Bhp | eBay?
  3. I

    Ladies Omega Constellation Automatic For Sale

    Advertised on Pistonheads here.
  4. ChrisA

    Any Ladies fancy a S**G?

    Thought I'd liven things up a little as threads are being closed, arguments on threads about arguments so.... Any single ladies out there fancy a S**g? :eek: :dk: :bannana: :D
  5. BespokeAutomotiveDynamics

    Hello Ladies & Gentlemen

    just a quick intro I love German cars especially Merc's & Porsches, I have owned a whole heap of them several at the moment, prefer them over Audi & BMW as I got them out of my system at a fairly young age. Just to name a few; 1990 190E 2.5 16, 1993 300GEL, 1995 C36, 2002 SL55 Black Series...
  6. Spinal

    Ladies Watch...

    Right, it's quite obvious that there are a few people here who know a thing or two about watches; and I know nothing about watches. So I thought I would ask a group of people who clearly know better. I need to buy a watch as a present for a lady in her 60s. She likes the classic two-tone...
  7. poormansporsche

    One for the Ladies !!!

    Blimey ! Tansy Love (Fuscia Pink with White Cap) Alloy Wheels (Alloys) -
  8. grumpyoldgit

    Don't mess with little old ladies.

    A lady was videotaping her son riding a skate board when her attention switched to an old woman trying to cross the street. You can hear the lady who is doing the taping giggling as she records the event. The video is a quick one .... but you'll probably watch it more than once. Aren't air bags...
  9. ShinyF1

    Small Ladies Hybrid/Urban bike

    I am after a 'new' bike for my eldest daughter and am looking for a reasonably light second hand hybrid with rapid shifters, ie one which doesn't have grip-shift gear changers. Is anyone selling one or know someone that is that they can put me in touch with? I am in SW London and am looking...
  10. tasn1


    We love you so much, you mean so much to us... Now that I have finished with the apologies, let face the real issues! My fiancee borrows my car once every two weeks of so (weekends) to visit her mate etc, I`m left with the 116 BMW. I wince everytime she TELLS me shes taking Mrs Brutus for a...
  11. Palmball

    Gentlemen (and ladies), please place your bets....

    ...on how long my newest purchase will last :crazy: This is getting ridiculous now but I've now just set a new record for myself because my XFR, a car which I've rated particularly highly, is moving-on on Monday. It's replacement arrives at the end of this month so allow me to explain my last...
  12. chocolateobrian

    Good evening ladies & gents

    Hi guys, I've just joined the forum after aquiring a car I NEVER thought I'd be driving :D My names Andy (chocolate_o_brian on Scoobynet and and I've just bought a J plate 1992 W124 E230 atuo. Lovely car in like a maroon colour? Anywho, I intend to keep it until the end of...
  13. camerontyler

    Mercedes Keyring for the Ladies & the Lady Laddies

    Found these and bought one for the Mrs so she'll stop using her standard million key keyring in the car thus not scratching the hell out of my lovely dashboard! £3.99 delivered (1st class) apparently genuine, more than 10 available. Will post a better picture once it arrives. GENUINE MERCEDES...
  14. T

    Opinions please ladies and gents.

    W124 Opinions please ladies and gents. Hi all, I have decided to tackle the wings on my 124 and during the process have been thinking of getting rid of the two tone paint scheme.The car is 199 blue black with the atlas grey cladding and bumpers.Would appreciate some opinions on doing the whole...
  15. BTB 500

    Funny sign seen on ladies toilet today

    Saw this sign on the door of a ladies toilet today ... seemed a bit discriminatory?!
  16. whitenemesis

    Two Ladies with Toasty Bottoms!!

    Steady, steady! I am referring to mrs WN and her friend, the first to benefit from my recently installed heated rear seats. A big :thumb: from both as they simmered sweetly as I chauffeured them on their girlie night out. Thank you to d:class for removing my "ear-ache" in the cold weather :D:D
  17. Godot

    Ladies Burberry Leather Jacket & Skirt

    A size 12/14 Ladies Double Breasted "Blouson" Style Jacket with matching 29" long skirt with 10" rear vent at hemline Superb condition worn the once. Very very soft leather. No, not at all "chav like" £75.00 ovno Can photograph for you if interested :)
  18. chriswt

    Short story - Not one for the ladies!!

    To be read in that 'kids bedtime story' kinda voice... One Day, a long long time ago there lived a women who didn't whinge, nag, bitch or moan. But it was a long long time ago and it was only for one day -The End-
  19. F

    Just in case, can the UK lads and ladies keep an eye out... Just in case someone tries to smuggle it into the UK.
  20. grober

    Lamborghini Gallardo Gets You The Ladies

    Here's an advert which tells of the "hidden extras" you get with a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Beautifully shot advert which undoubtedly cost £k's to make, but left me cold due its total lack of any humour or any vestiges of human sentiment for that matter. :confused: :(...
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