1. trapperjohn

    Ashley or Junior are 'avin a laff.

    Check out the damage to the nearside - and the price. MERCEDES-BENZ C250 TD SPORT 4DR AUTO [5] - FSH - JUST BEEN SERVICED | eBay
  2. The Boss

    just for a Laff

    I went onto and thought id see what value it came up with for Emmy.. the 124 cab.. Anyone wanna try n guess?
  3. spock500

    Some things just make you laff

    Banned VW advert pinched from veg forum :bannana: YouTube - Volkswagen banned tv commercial Bollocks
  4. NW_Merc

    Is he havin' a laff? :crazy:
  5. pluggers

    Had to laff at this

    On the way to work this morning im going down the duel carrage way (60mph zone) Its about a mile long straight road with a roundabout at both ends,Separated by a 3 foot central muddy grass reservation but raised up to stop people from crossing it.At one end is a petrol station with the entrance...
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