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    Loft lagging grant

    I've just had this total stranger up my loft telling me that my 4 inches of insulation isn't enough and that I'm elligible for 80% grant for having 11inches of lagging. I did a bit of research and I read 50% grants available as I don't get any benefits help etc. Is this just a scam??
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    updated again!!! comand lagging

    finally!!! a result!!! mercedes have exchanged my comand disc 4.1 for a 6.1 version after much deliberation which contains TMC and is a breakthrough on route navigation which is still not acurate but definately a step in the right direction, they are a also lending me an e-class whilst my clk...
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    Updated !!! Command Lagging

    I called it at the dealers this morning as per my appointment at 8 am, as usual I was kept waiting for about an hour then given my keys and told "problem solved" so once again foolishly I drove off only noticing that the same problem still persisted and in anger I turned around and drove...
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    command lagging

    good evening people, i have a query with the command system on my new clk it seems to be slightly behind my exact location, for example I could be outside a certain street but according to the map its yet to come, if that makes sense also to add the voice tells you after you`ve made the turn...
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    Ocassionaly when i am cruising along and i put my foot down i feel that my car is holding back. It's a CLK 230 kompressorm, i have it serviced regularly and the oil changed every 3000 KM. The dealer can't find anything wrong with it but i am not so sure, i live in kuwait so could it possibly be...
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