1. LTD

    Lake District

    Evening !! Heading down to the Lake District tomorrow for the day What's your favourite recommendation for a destination and why ?
  2. whitenemesis

    R.I.P Greg Lake

    Another icon gone.. ELP, soundtrack to my youth
  3. I

    Tourist Drivers in the Lake District - and probably other beauty spots

    I am often in the Lake District, having a place centrally in the Ambleside area that I let out part of to holiday makers. I've only been driving three years and enjoy the freedom driving gives me. What does take some of the enjoyment out of it is when I'm heading to Ullswater from the...
  4. M

    The Lake Vyrnwy Road Trip

    Long post warning: Better grab a cuppa.... Just spent a couple of very enjoyable days, travelling with my other half, on a road trip around Lake Vyrnwy (mid Wales). The journey was memorable, the scenery stunning and the roads were... 'interesting' :D Been meaning to drive to the lake for...
  5. LTD

    Lake Disict Ideas please .....

    Heading down to the Lake District tomorrow for a day away. Any suggestions as to where is the best place to head for and also a nice place to have some lunch would be grateful. Thanks in advance.
  6. BTB 500

    Crashed cars found in US lake after more than 40 years

    Two crashed cars and their occupants have been found at the bottom of a US lake after apparently going missing in 1969 and 1970 respectively. A slightly creepy story but I guess it will give closure to their surviving relatives. Foss Lake: Bodies Found In Submerged Cars
  7. Haylands

    Driving in the Lake District

    Off for a jolly to the Lake District this weekend, to celebrate 27 glorious years with my patient wife!!! We are staying at the Oak Bank Hotel, in Broadgate near Grasmere Village in Cumbria and will be looking for some nice driving roads to exercise the ABC in the CL... We will defo be doing...
  8. grober

    Lake Whillans drilling

    News yesterday that the American team hot water drilling through the Antartic Ice sheet have probably reached reached Lake Whillans. A British attempt to reach Lake Ellsworth had to be abandoned in December 2012. To be fair it was good bit deeper. Scientists hope this lake may provide...
  9. aquanaut

    Lake District...

    Having a wee break down here, staying very near windermere. Just looking for any recommendations for good places to eat and attractions etc. Going to try drunken duck in a couple of days. Thanks
  10. S

    First Grand Tour of 2012: Lake District and York.

    Well folks, its been a long time coming, the first decent tour for 2012. I am off work until April and the weather was fab so I decided as I was visiting an old friend in York on the Friday I should tour the lake district the day before and have a short hop over to York the Friday. I think this...
  11. S

    My trip to the Lake district

    Firstly after arriving in Pooley Bridge on Ullswater it was decided it was beer and BBQ day. I took a few shots of the lake around the campsite and ate and drank through the day till dark. You can see it’s a rather splendid view As it got Darker...
  12. Mike Walker

    Spring holiday in the Lake District

    Thinking about the above so thought I would seek help /advice here first. Need accomodation for 4 adults and 1 ex Argentinian rescue dog brought home by daughter and partner :eek: Looking to spend a week self catering in the area April/May time and outside school holidays. Any thoughts /...
  13. C

    c43 parked in a lake

    1999 MERCEDES C43 AMG AUTO SILVER on eBay (end time 19-Feb-10 21:21:07 GMT) no wonder he has put grease on the underside ! :D
  14. KNU7S

    Drowned 'Bugatti' car found in lake expected to fetch £85,000

    A rare 1920s Bugatti that has spent 73 years at the bottom of a Swiss lake is expected to fetch more than the price of a new Mercedes when it is sold at auction this month. Drowned 'Bugatti' car found in lake expected to fetch £85,000 - Times Online Lot Details
  15. dougal74

    Lake Como for a Honeymoon

    A long story cut short...basically my best mate has had his honeymoon to Maroc (for August) cancelled by the tour operator. He has booked flights to Milan but is struggling to find the right place to stay near Lake Como. He is looking for a self-catering villa/apartment - does anyone have any...
  16. nickg

    Toerag in the Lake District

    not very clean but nice backdrop so took some pics.
  17. R

    Emerson Lake and Palmer

    Does anyone know which track or album features THE drum break??
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