1. grober

    A New Year Treat - the 350 GT Lambo

    Following the interest in the Interceptor thread another little treat for New Year 2017 . :cool: Jay Leno and the 1965 Lamborghini 350 GT - Jay Leno's Garage [YOUTUBE HD]UFxymrYj9FQ[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. F

    Lambo Spotting July 16 in London
  3. Palfrem

    Lambo flames and noise.

    Watch three Lamborghinis have a flame war - BBC Top Gear I'm assuming this won't be doing any of the engines any good?
  4. Conquistador

    Video: Lambo Aventador crash in London

    At the top of Sloane Street: kfS8iz2NaLE :ban: That'll buff out. The way this car tears around the city's streets, he had it coming it quite frankly.
  5. The Boss

    Just drove a lambo at Silverstone race track.. so much fun

    had a belated xmas present treat from my partner.. Trip up to Silverstone.. and bombed around the track in their Lambo.. woop woop.. lots of fun, but too slow.... Today i finally saw the appeal of the Veyron... lol ;) Anyone else done one the track trill experience thingys there??
  6. Barbanasos

    Gumball 3000 2010 has started. Lambo needs more storage...

    Not the most practical of cars but problem solved...
  7. A

    Lambo Program on National Geographic now...Amazing

  8. R

    Lost lambo

    Has anyone lost their Lambo. If so I've found it in the car park at Alicante Airport:o:o
  9. Anil

    Lambo crash [ouch!]

    Not sure if this has been posted before.... Check out this Lamborghini. The dangers of speeding in the city.....:doh: YouTube - Lamborghini LP640 Crash!! (Stupid) 1/3
  10. VB123

    Lambo vs SLR Top Gear shoot

    Hey all, Well, at 5am this morning, Abu Dhabi Police closed the Corniche Road (the main arterial road through Abu Dhabi) so the Top Gear team could drag race the SLR 722 and Lambourghini Murcielago SV through the centre of town. It was great to see the 722 whip the Lambo time after time...
  11. M

    Mercedes running gear in a Lambo?!

    Not the Lambo you were probably thinking of, but their LM 4x4. It's even got switchgear, headlight switch and climate control from (what appears to be) a W124. Darren
  12. A

    "lambo" in the basement

    check this out for one amazing project
  13. 190ian

    skoda v lambo

    Found this, made me laugh
  14. C

    Lambo Door's

    Im trying to find some one who will fit my lambo doors Can anyone make a suggestion for the surrey area
  15. Rumble

    Lambo Door kits

    Anyone have any experience on Lamborghini style door mechanisms? Im wondering if the door is opened outward like a regular door for a couple inches before the upward motion kicks in. Or does the bodywork have to be modified in anyway, other than removing the existing mechanism to fit the new...
  16. scotth_uk


    For those of you that came on the ring trip last year, you'll remember my trusty passenger and co-pilot Ben. This is his cousin's new car out in Australia, a complete surprise to him upon arrival on a recent trip! I want to cry!
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