1. I

    Extinguishing w126 Rad lamp bulb

    Hi, I recently fixed my leaking cooling system on an m103; all's well, but the blooming rad light bulb is still lit. How can I clear it? Cheers, Paul
  2. B

    Changing indicator lamp or bulb in Door mirror

    Hi I have a 2004 S Class 320 cdi and there is a fault with the drivers side indicator bulb in the door mirror, are they easy to change? Thank's Bill.
  3. A

    New Mercedes E class W210, SLK, CLK osf fog lamp lens, A1708261090

    On Ebay @ £9.99 but happy to do a deal for members. Mercedes E class W210, SLK, CLK osf fog lamp lens, A1708261090 | eBay
  4. jonnyboy82

    2010 W204 Parking Lamp Bulb

    My front n/s headlight needs a bulb as it's showing front left parking lamp on the dash. Which bulb in the correct one and do I need to replace all 4 to match both drivers ask passengers side as it looks like there is two of these bulbs on each Headlight. Is there an error free led upgrade...
  5. G

    Interior Lamp for CL / S / E

    I ordered an interior lamp for my C169, but got a wrong part (1601 instead of 3801), and it's not practical to return it, so here it is for sale: Part number: A211 820 16 01 Interior Lamp New, sealed with a bulb fitted: Fits: CL-class C215; S-class W220; E-class W211 -...
  6. Aletank

    Paint/Body Shops Infrared Lamp Vs Bake Oven ??

    I see a lot of Paint/Body shops are using Infrared Lamps over Bake Ovens to cure the paint. What are the pro's/cons of the Infrared Lamps ? Are they any better than Bake Ovens ?
  7. tcb180

    Third Brake Lamp E320 CDi 2007

    Just being fussy. But on M.O.T. today I noticed that a few of the L.E.D. elements have gone in the third brake light strip. Anyone any ideas if these can be repaired? Extortionate OE price. Don't want to get one from China, and can't really rely on 2nd hand.
  8. L

    ML W163 fog lamp mounting trim

    Have to replace the bumper on my facelift 03 W163 the plastic frame/trim that secures the ns fog lamp is smashed. Searching has thrown up a part no 163 820 11 12. apart from MB genuine any one know where to get one fairly quickly, wifey wants her car back and I dont want to have to take the...
  9. M

    2006 W221 s class rear lamp warning

    My 2006 s class 550 keeps warning that a stop & tail bulb has failed on the left hand rear lamp. They appear to be working fine, I have checked all connections etc... is this a known fault? if so how much to fix? Thanks in advance
  10. J

    W211 LED parking lamp ?

    I've got a w211 e280 CDI sport 2007 facelift and just notice the n/S parking lamp is out. I thought no problem easy but no very fiddly to get out and it's an LED type. I can't find anything like it online. I ended up removing the front bumper and took the lamp out as the LED bulb came apart...
  11. S

    RH rear lamp Inoperative

    Hi, Hope you guys can help. I have W124 300TE where the RH rear side light is inoperative. I've had a Towbar fitted and fault appeared just after that fitment so I took it back to the Towbar place who checked and found no voltage getting to the bulb. They wiggled the fuse and it worked. I...
  12. smoothcoupe

    2004 e55 os xenon lamp problem

    I've got hold of a second hand xenon lamp unit complete with ecu and ballast packs / bulbs etc. Can this be fitted direct as plug n play or would it need coding to vehicle??
  13. smoothcoupe

    2004 e55 xenon lamp problem

    Hi again people. I posted yesterday that os bulb was out. Tried new bulb no light. Then tried new ballast still no light. It seem there is no power to the os lamp. Any ideas????
  14. 1

    G Wagon front fog lamp delete

    Hi, i have a 2012 G wagon that has had the front fog lights removed for fitting an AMG bumper. I am now getting a warning on the dash to say fog lamp bulbs. I have read that best way around this is to fit resistors to cancel the warning. Anyone know what size of resistors are required? the...
  15. W

    Help. srs lamp flashing after recall

    Hi, wonder if a knowledgable person on here can help me with a problem on 2007 c220 sport w204... Got a letter from Mercedes saying my car has a recall to replace SRS control unit Took it in today and when I picked it up the service guy said there's a fault on passenger seat pad and module...
  16. lisa110rry

    SLK 1999 R170 rear brake lamp (offside)

    Well, I have a funny little fault on my car, the brake light contact fails from time to time just for minutes, but enough to make the warning light light up an as it's the brake light the warning remains on, even tough the lights are actually all working after a moment or two. The chap who looks...
  17. A

    Head lamp white specs?

    Cleaning my car today I noticed my headlamp lenses have tiny white ish dots on them, gave them a good rub but not budging Any ideas what thay are and can I remove them without damaging the lenses? Cheers :thumb:
  18. DSM10000

    Erratic offside rear indicator lamp

    Had a bulb failure warning earlier for the offside rear indicator on the W203. I have changed the bulb (tried 3others including the known good bulb) but still the same problem. I also swopped over the rear lamp clusters and the problem stays on that side. All contacts looked clean but I...
  19. Stray Cat

    W208 CLK 320 fog lamp fuse location?

    Hi Guys I just noticed my nearside front and rear fogs are not working. Are they fused separately from the offside ones? If so, where are the fog lamp the boot? Cheers
  20. S

    lamp defective warning advice

    morning folks lamp defective warning keeps coming on every other trip but cant see any bulbs out any advice guys thanks
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