1. BTB 500

    Broadband / LAN speed question

    I have BT Infinity 1 broadband, with my line rated at 38 Mb/s. I use 500 mbps DLAN adapters between the hub (router) and PC. When I run a speed test ( on my PC it reports around 35-38 Mb/s. At 8 bits/byte, the LAN adapters can theoretically pass up to 62 Mb/s so that seems...
  2. Red C220

    Help required networking a LAN printer

    I have an oldish Laser printer which is thoroughly reliable and prefect for my needs - Samsung ML-2152w It's fine using a USB cable and works lovely, but it's a big old lump and I'd like it tucked away somewhere and wish to utilise it's wireless capabilities. Before I get it wireless I need to...
  3. KillerHERTZ

    Wii LAN Ethernet adaptor

    Offical Nintendo product Used twice (bought an Wifi router instead) boxed as new. Play online, download classic games, or use your Wii to browse the net via Ethernet £12 by BT delivered Thanks! Khz
  4. comports

    Home Hub + Extra Lan ports

    Hi Gang, Perhaps you could point me in the right direction. I have recently gone to the home hub which so far has been good. I have one hard wired PC and now the BT Vision (Freeview box) attached but had to unplug my networked Laser printer as their is only two network ports on the hub. Is...
  5. imadoofus

    LAN Diagram?

    I've been asked to provide a diagram of a LAN. It's got a fileserver, an Exchange server, a SNAP server, a firewall, a router, a patch cabinet and any number of ethernet outlets. No wireless. What the heck is the diagram supposed to look like? I assume I don't have to draw all the cabling...
  6. grasmere

    home wireless LAN, can neighbours get free net access?

    I guess there is a simple explanation to this but here goes anyway ;) I had this thought the other day: I have a d-link adsl router and have a pci card for desktop and cardbus adapter for the laptop. IIRC When I installed the card on my laptop the program found the router and I could...
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